LocalLit book review: 5 books you should read now

A quick recap to 5 previously reviewed books that are worth a 2nd glance

I was out of the office last week and have no new book to review this week.

So instead, I’d like to share five books I’ve especially enjoyed this year. I’ve also linked to the full review. Here are the books.

Abdurrahi’ms ABC Economics for Children” by Amin Falaq. This book contains 22 short and simple lessons – or principles – in economics. Topics include assets and capital, investment, barter and debit and credit cards, as well as some lovely reflections: “Everyone has wealth. Economics determines how you benefit from your wealth.” Buy it on Amazon.

“Barns of Will County” by Kevin McNulty. This book more than just one barn photograph after another. McNulty captured each barn’s unique character in all its triumphant glory, even if that glory is fading or falling. This more than just one barn photo after another. It’s a lovely pictorial journey. Buy it on Amazon.

“Dog Church” by Gail Gilmore. This book introduced me to Dog Chapel on Dog Mountain in Vermont, which is filled with messages of love from grieving dog owners to their beloved pets. Gilmore shares her own experiences with the chapel and the dogs she loved, lost and still carries in her heart. Buy it on Amazon.

“Halloween Night: Trick or Treat” anthology. More than a dozen stories by a variety of authors in the style of “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” series. This version of my horror is my favorite genre and I enjoyed this book immensely. It’s only available online, but it costs just 99 cents (or free if you have Kindle Unlimited). But it on Amazon.

“The Rocking Chair Exercise Book” by Henry F. Ogle. Ogle claims that the average rocking chair can be rocked approximately 30 times in a minute, which he said equals about 30 abdominal crunches. The book contains 49 creative exercises for stretching and strengthening different muscles. The tone is conversational and, if you knew Ogle (as I did), you will feel as if he’s rocking right next to you. Buy it on Amazon.

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