LocalLit book review: Children’s book aims to give hope to the hopeless

The heart of ‘Eva’s Heart’ is to never give up

“Don’t ever lose sight of your dream. It doesn’t matter if no one else acknowledges it. Just hang onto it.”

That’s how Will County author Sue Milo summed up the message in her children’s book “Eva’s Heart” in a 2017 Herald-News story. On the face of it, the story is about a dog (Eva) that desperately needed a home. Milo adopted Eva after several families rejected it. But if you look deeply between the words, you’ll find inspiration and encouragement.

“She never gave up on her dream,” Milo said in the story and then later added, “She never gave up on hope.”

The book’s Amazon description says, “Eva’s heart has been dreaming of the day she will meet her forever mom. She knows the day is coming when they’ll be together at last.”

“Eva’s Heart” weaves together fantasy-style art (such as a dog with angel wings) in rich colors with imaginative text to tell the story of Eva’s adoption from Eva’s perspective. The pages have more text than one typically finds in a children’s storybook and the language is more sophisticated, too.

Nevertheless, the message about clinging to hope when the odds look bleak is straightforward and clear, and it’s a message that’s people of all ages need to hear during these COVID times. Although “Eva’s Heart” may be difficult for children to read on their own, that’s not necessarily a disadvantage.

Adults and children can enjoy it together and then discuss what it means to dream, hope and persevere.

Buy “Eva’s Heart” on Amazon.

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