LocalLit book preview: ‘Traveling the New, Historic Route 66 of Illinois’

Classic book by Will County Route 66 expert now in its 9th edition

Twlo books on Route 66 were recently sent to me, so I will review them both in the LocalLit newsletter, one week at a time.

The first “Traveling the New, Historic Route 66 of Illinois” by Will County resident John Weiss was originally written in 1997 and now in its ninth edition. Weiss said in an email that it is the only Route 66 guidebook that is dedicated excusively to Illinois.

In an email, Weiss gave this description of his book: “The book is broken down into 13 easy to read day tripping sections so folks can get off of I-55 at certain points and travel the historic road in bits and pieces instead of having to plan a major trip.

“People travel from around the world to experience the famous Mother Road. Unfortunately not enough locals have realized what awaits them just outside their door. More then ever families want to safely get out and enjoy themselves. This book virtually guarantees memories that will last a lifetime.”

Weiss said his book is available to buy at the Joliet Historical Museum.

For information about Route 66, go to thefirsthundredmiles.com.

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