Girlfriend of Joliet mass shooting suspect indicted on obstruction charges

Charges alleged she concealed her cellphone

Kyleigh Cleveland-Singleton

The girlfriend of a Joliet mass shooting suspect faces more charges accusing her of obstructing justice by falsely claiming she last spoke to the suspect at a gym and concealed her cellphone from police.

A grand jury in Will County returned an indictment Thursday against Kyleigh Cleveland-Singleton, 21, who police said was the girlfriend of Romeo Nance, 23, and the mother of his child.

Nance is considered by police the suspect in the Jan. 21 mass shooting of his seven family members, as well as the fatal shooting of Toyosi Bakare, 28, in the Preston Heights area of Joliet Township. Nance has also been linked to the non-fatal shooting of a 42-year-old man in Joliet.

Cleveland-Singleton is charged with three counts of obstructing justice.

Two of those counts allege she intended to prevent the apprehension of Nance on Jan. 22 by falsely telling a Joliet police detective that she did not know Nance’s phone number and falsely telling the same detective she last spoke to Nance at a gym. Nance took his own life while being pursued by police in Texas.

The third count alleges Cleveland-Singleton intended to prevent the apprehension of Nance by concealing her cellphone.

Cleveland-Singleton is due back in court Feb. 8 for an arraignment on the charges filed against her.