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KSB Hospital notifies patients of data breach

DIXON – KSB Hospital recently sent letters to patients potentially affected by the data breach in September when a third-party billing company improperly released information.

On Sept. 22, the hospital’s outsource provider that manages billing statements, Magnet Solutions, became aware that certain statements were sent with incorrect patient information.

The statements were mailed around Sept. 17 and Sept. 20, and included names, encounter number, treating physician, date of service, and location of service, according to a news release from the hospital. Financial information and Social Security numbers were not released.

“This issue was outside of the control of the hospital, and was the result of an error with the software used by Magnet Solutions,” the release said. “The hospital immediately undertook efforts to identify the nature and scope of the incident and make contact with individuals who received the statements to ask that they immediately destroy and/or return the statements.”

KSB offered patients involved in the breach complimentary credit monitoring and identity theft protection services, and mailed letters to all who could have been affected on Nov. 15.

“The Hospital has undertaken a comprehensive investigation into the nature of the incident and identified all individuals whose personal information and/or protected health information was included on the statements,” the release said.

“The Hospital, together with Magnet, is undertaking affirmative steps to prevent any similar incidents from occurring in the future.”

Patients can call the KSB assistance line at 888-472-0132 for information.

Rachel Rodgers

Rachel Rodgers

Rachel Rodgers joined Sauk Valley Media in 2016 covering local government in Dixon and Lee County.