Property Transfers: March 2021

Putnam County Courthouse

The following property transfers were recorded at the Putnam County Courthouse in March:

Kathryn Virgo to James Fusinetti and Bruce Lamps, Lot 90 in Indian Hills, $3,300.

Ricky Guynn to Scotty and Cody Guynn, Lot 8 in village of Mt. Palatine, exempt.

Christopher Brisman, as successor trustee, to Donald and Michelle Bain, Lot 281 in Indian Hills, exempt.

Matthew Hostetter to Jonathon Klinefelter and Angelica Rosales, Lot 5 in Block 2 in Lincolnshire Subdivision, Granville, $135,000.

Village of Magnolia to Marvin Keller, Lot 181 in Bowman’s Addition and part of Lot 154 in Patterson’s Addition, Magnolia, $3,000.

Hickory Point Bank and Trust to Kevin and Deborah Saulters, three parts of Section 34 in Magnolia Township, $20,000.

Lake Thunderbird Association to Renee Watkins, Lot 89 in Indian Hills, $1,100.

Lake Thunderbird Association to Angela and Matthew Adams, Lot 132 in Lake Thunderbird Woods 3, $1,100.

Basker Ranganath to Maria Krzanowska Rog, Lot 6 in Lake Thunderbird Hills, $2,750.

Kimberly Smith to Carolyn Billups, Lot 133 in Patterson’s Addition, Magnolia, $28,587.

Community Loan Servicing LLC to Anastasia 1031 Capital LLC, part of Lot 1 in Block 2 in C.H. Smith’s Addition, Granville, $29,500.

Teresa Terando to Kevin Clark, part of Section 13 in Granville Township, $260,500.

Douglas and Amy Miller to Lacey Gruenwald and Joshua Miller, Lot 5 in Block 20, Granville, exempt.

Robert and Tamara Mukenschnabl to Paulius Kelevisius, Lot 565 in Lake Thunderbird Woods 3, $305,000.

Tyler and Sarah McCombs, Brian and Julie Church to Tyler and Sarah McCombs, Brian and Julie Church and Cheryl Martin and Keith Scheirer, Lot 628 in Lake Thunderbird Hills 3, exempt.

Rugile Slapkauskas and GeDiminas V. Rygertas, as successor trustee, to Zbigniew and Zofia Strzep, Lot 25 in Indian Hills, $116,000.

Chicago Land and Trust Company to Gary and Marilou Perra, Lot 10 in West Bluff Ranchette Subdivision, $285,000.

Chairtree LLC to Cheryl Maloney, part of Section 7 in Senachwine Township, $98,000.

Eugene Dybinski Jr. to Marquette Bank, as trustee, Lot 119 in Lake Thunderbird Woods, exempt.

Tami Smith to Elizabeth Koester and Joseph Bryant, Lot 4 in Block 34, Hennepin, exempt.

Amber Smith to Jeffrey Edgecomb, Lot 3 in Block 8 in Newton H. Colby’s First Addition, Granville, $15,000.

Chicago Title and Land Trust Company to Remigijus Narvilas, Lot 44 in Indian Hills, $135,000.

Grzegurz Majka to Remigijus Narvilas, Lot 45 in Indian Hills, $4,500.

Cynthia Washkowiak to Kimberley Smith, Lots 7-8 and part of Lot 6 in W.I. Tyler’s Addition, Granville, $140,000.

Joseph Ellena to Benjamen and Bailey Aranda, Lots 10-12, Standard, $90,000.

P&V Farms LLC to Marquis Land Holdings LLC, part of Section 10 in Hennepin Township, $243,134.

Christopher Coleman to Amanda and Timothy Harrington, Lots 10-12 in W.M. Sills Second Addition, Granville, exempt.

William and Sheila Haage to Eric and Dianna Bean, Lots 13-14 in Block 3 in Joel W. Hopkins’ Subdivision and Lot 1 in Joel W. Hopkins’ Addition, Granville, $94,500.

Burton and Susan Brooks to Gonchar and Jennifer Brooks, Lots 4 in Lake Thunderbird Woods and Lot 282 in Lake Thunderbird Woods, exempt.

Thomas Swan to Gregory and Thomas Swan, Lot 17 in Lake Thunderbird Woods, exempt.

Larry Marco and Karen Medler-Marco to Paula Mesarchik, Lot 268 in Lake Thunderbird Woods, $85,000.

Lisa Entwistle to Willow Tree Ventures LLC, Lot 2 in Block 2 in Lincolnshire Subdivision, $62,000.

Daniel and Darlisa Neubaum to Jeremy Hammes, Lot 144 in Frederick Sucher’s Second Addition, Standard, $5,500.

Nancy Nanni, Philip and Barbara Hansen to Brian and Tracy Back, Lot 6 in Block 43, Hennepin, $6,500.

Melvin Hale to Barry and Dawn Willmer, Lot 552 in Lake Thunderbird Hills 3, $2,500.

Feathers 40 LLC to Mississippi Bird Migration Flyway: Lake Senachwine and Goose Lake Restoration Project, Section 16 in Senachwine Township, exempt.