What is a Divorce Coach?

Wakeman Law Group - What is a Divorce Coach?

A divorce coach is a person who has been specifically trained in helping people navigate the process of a divorce. The best time to contact a divorce coach is when you are first starting to give some consideration to ending a relationship. It is similar to talking to your friend who has been divorced, but is so much better as the information the coach has is not just one experience, but extensive training and experience with the twists and turns that come into play. Every divorce has its own unique facts and issues, and a coach can help you know where some of the traps may be.

The first thing the coach will do is create a plan with you to go forward with referrals to therapists, attorneys, mortgage specialists, appraisers, and more. In a conversation with a certified divorce coach, you will be able to express your concerns and goals with a person who can help you set your expectations and will provide substantial information about your options.

Very often, when people call the divorce attorney first, they end up going directly to court. With a divorce coach, you will be able to be strategic about the best route to take, the pros and cons of mediation, and getting materials ready so that if you do consult with an attorney, you are prepared and can get the most bang for your attorney fee buck.

When you work with a divorce coach, the result is likely a more peaceful and less stressful process for the breakup. They will help you create a budget for the legal process so that you can plan. They will review different approaches to a parenting plan so that the plan can best achieve your goals and the best interests of the children.

For a list of divorce coaches, visit https://www.divorcedgirlsmiling.com/.

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