Protect Your Money and Valuables When Traveling Abroad

Crystal Lake Travel - Protect Your Money and Valuables When Traveling Abroad

Dreaming of adventure? While traveling abroad can be an unforgettable journey, trying to keep your money and valuables safe while exploring a new country can add a layer of unwanted stress. Here are some tips for securing your stuff:

1. Divide up currency and credit cards

Travelers face a balancing act: keeping money easy to reach for purchases while deterring theft. To achieve this, divide your cash and credit cards. Don’t store them all in one place, in case your wallet or purse is stolen. Additionally, consider using a money belt, an under-clothing storage accessory, or clothing with hidden pockets for an extra layer of security.

2. Bring the right cards

Before your trip, check to see which forms of plastic are primarily accepted at your destination.

For instance, in some countries, issuers like American Express and Discover—accepted nearly everywhere in the United States—have smaller, less accessible payment networks.

And when it comes to spending cash, exchanging some currency before your trip can be a smart move. Not only might you get a better exchange rate up front, but you’ll also minimize ATM visits, saving you time and potential fees.

3. Let your financial institution know of your itinerary

Charges in foreign countries can raise red flags with credit card companies, especially if amounts are larger than usual. If fraudulent activity is suspected, you may find your credit card is temporarily locked. Informing your financial institutions, such as your bank and credit card companies, about your travel plans can help prevent unnecessary account freezes.

4. Purchase travel insurance

For even more peace of mind as you head out of the country, consider purchasing travelers insurance. Travel insurance policies can cover a wide range of issues, from lost or delayed luggage to emergency medical care and evacuation.

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