Tips for using currency, credit cards while traveling

When it comes to traveling, you want things to go as smoothly as possible.

One way to do that? Before starting your travel adventures, make sure to plan out in advance how you will pay for day-to-day vacation expenses. Crystal Lake Travel offers these tips:

1. Bring a mix of currency and credit cards

It’s likely some restaurants, stores and hotels won’t take credit cards, so it’s good to have some cash on hand. Additionally, bring a second credit card in case yours stops working or gets declined.

2. Make sure the plastic you bring is accepted

These days, most countries accept some form of plastic. However, not all credit cards are universally accepted. While Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted worldwide, American Express is less common, and Discover Card is the least internationally accepted card network.

3. Avoid foreign transaction fees

If you are headed overseas, make sure to inquire about foreign transaction fees. If you use a credit card that charges fees, you could end up paying an additional 2 to 3% on every purchase you make.

4. Let your bank know about your travel plans

Make sure your bank or credit card company knows about your upcoming travel plans. Many organizations keep track of spending patterns and card transactions could be flagged as unusual or suspicious, causing the issuer to block further charges.

5. Carry money, cards safely

While you want your money to be easily accessible for purchases, you also want to deter thieves. To that end, divide up travel cash and credit cards so they are not all in the same spot in case your wallet or purse is stolen. Additionally, consider an under-clothing storage accessory such as a money belt, or clothing with concealed pockets to keep your money safe.

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