Letter: D-155 begins next phase of strategic planning

Crystal Lake District 155 Superintendent Neil Lesinski

Hello to all of our District 155 community members,

As the new superintendent of D-155, I couldn’t be more excited to begin the next phase of our strategic planning process, “The Pursuit of Excellence.” This school year marks the expiration of our current plan, which was established in 2018. As we reflect on all that we have accomplished over the past five years, it is an ideal time to bring together students, families, staff and community members to collaborate and determine our vision for the future of District 155.

We have selected a diverse team with representatives from each stakeholder group that will examine the new challenges we face as well as the new opportunities we may have to serve our students, families, and community in the best way possible. What we need from all of you is your feedback.

During the week of Aug. 14, we launched surveys for students, staff, parents, and our communities, so all of you have an opportunity to help shape the future of District 155. The survey will be open until Wednesday, Aug. 30, and the link is published on the district’s website (www.d155.org) as well as all social media channels in an effort to gather as much feedback as possible. Results from this survey will be provided to the strategic planning team during their first meetings. We will also continue to seek your feedback throughout this process with follow-up surveys over the next few months.

The final District 155 strategic plan proposal will be presented to the Board of Education at its February meeting by a group of D-155 students. I want to thank everyone for their support and involvement in this process as we all work together to improve the educational experience for our students while helping each of them fulfill our district’s mission: “Enter with promise. Leave with purpose.”


Dr. Neil Lesinski

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