Letter: Tadelman should support the law, not ignore it


I’m writing to express my disappointment in McHenry County Sheriff Robb Tadelman. I remember working the primary elections in the spring. I remember the number of folks that came in, who I knew to be Democrats, and selected a Republican ticket so they could get Tadelman elected over his competitor. At the time, there seemed to be an air of excitement around the change that might be possible in the county sheriff’s office. I was hopeful.

I’m disappointed with his position on not upholding the law regarding the registration of assault weapons. What’s his purpose? He can’t say that his role is to protect us if he isn’t going to protect us within the scope of the law. If we could all choose which laws we wanted to follow, what would happen if someone chose to ignore them? Can we go before a judge to plead our case that each of us felt some element of a law was unconstitutional? Do you believe we could get away with that? Then why should Tadelman?

Tadelman should support the law as it has been executed, and if he disagrees with it, challenge it through the courts. If Tadelman won’t enforce the law as it is, he should not hold the office any longer.

Anna Gifford