Letter: Help modernize the Small Business Administration


I own a small business in Illinois and this week I joined thousands of other small-business owners from across the U.S. in an open letter calling on Congress to launch a bipartisan effort to modernize the Small Business Administration to reflect today’s competitive economy.

The SBA was last authorized by Congress 22 years ago, before small business operations were revolutionized by the internet, smartphones and the proliferation of online retail. Today, the competitive environment for small-business owners is infinitely more challenging, and every small business owner must compete on a global stage. We need an SBA that reflects these changes and helps small business owners survive and thrive by equipping us with the tools to succeed now and in the future. The SBA should modernize entrepreneurial development programs, update outdated technologies to expand online offerings, and provide more efficient communication with small business owners.

The potential upside of reauthorizing the SBA is significant. The SBA would help benefit communities in Wisconsin, Illinois and other states across the country as we navigate a volatile, uncertain, technology-driven economy.

Please show your support for small businesses this holiday season by joining me and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Voices community in calling on our members of Congress to modernize the SBA.

Andrea Hill

Hill Management Group