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Letter: What to be thankful for


November is the time and season to be filled with thankfulness for the blessings bestowed upon this nation, to stop and reflect, bind up our wounds and heal the nation to see its national purpose of “out of many, one.”

To remember our purpose in life. The purpose of lighting a candle is not to curse the darkness, as John F. Kennedy pointed out.

To remember our “city upon a hill,” as both Kennedy and Ronald Reagan defined its importance before the world.

Regardless of our emotions, we must remember Abraham Lincoln’s words: “We are not enemies, but friends; we must not be enemies; though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.”

I’m grateful for history because it reminds us to keep looking for our better angels so that the city we build will illuminate future generations.

So I’m thankful for America, my family, wife, co-workers, and the brave men and women of our military.

I thank God for this purpose of light that He has placed in all of us and that we must never neglect. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Finally, in memory of Judith Landon, wife of Ron “Cowboy” Landon, who passed on May 28, may angels lead you into paradise where you and your cowboy ride into the heavenly sunset.

Bob DeLacy Jr.