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Letter: Stop voting against your own interests


The recent CPAC convention proves the Republican Party descent into anti-Democratic, anti-Constitutional autocracy. From keynote speaker, Hungarian dictator Viktor Orbán, to hate speech, to the lies of a twice-impeached president who failed to overthrow his election defeat – the rightwing war on our republic, constitutional representative democracy and rule of law is on full display for all Americans to see.

Meanwhile, the party working to destroy our government also votes against the interests of their own constituents. Nearly unanimously voting no to recession relief of the American Rescue Act, election security of the Voting Rights Act, child tax credits and universal Pre-K, lowering prescription drug cost and capping insulin prices, veteran’s care and homelessness support, gun safety reforms, climate change mitigation, domestic violence and terrorism prevention, fighting fossil fuel and corporate price gouging exploitation, and most egregiously, against a women’s right to control her own reproductive freedoms and contraception.

Sen. Rick Scott’s GOP platform plans to abolish Social Security and Medicare, raise taxes on the working class and defend the tax evasion scams of their billionaire funders. I have a special request for my fellow Fox News viewing McHenry neighbors. Please stop voting against your own economic, social, environmental, labor, consumer, constitutional and health care interests and protections, because you are also voting against the interests of We the People of the majority.

Bob Janz