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Letter: Donald Trump doesn’t get it


When we were high school seniors (1954), it was required that we take a civics course, where we learned to honor and respect our country’s principles, laws and democracy. Today, many voters don’t recognize the difference between democracy and autocracy?

Donald Trump doesn’t get it. He mistakenly believes he should fill the role of an autocrat, such as Putin and others who have ruled by their own misbegotten ideas of ruling by fiat. Those who haven’t learned how to live under a democracy is what I believe has occasioned the existence of “Proud Boys” and the rest of Trumps minions.

I recommend that all citizens read the book “Too Much-Never Enough,” authored by Mary L. Trump, Donald’s niece. She is a psychologist and wrote the book for readers to understand how her uncle grew to be who he is. He believes he is entitled to say or do whatever makes him wise enough to rule by edict.

Trump is a proud man and envisions himself as a great ruler, while in fact, he is not. He wants us to think of him as a clever, wealthy man, which he is not.

Is Donald smart? He paid his sister, Maryanne, to take his college exam and paid a lower-grade, male student to take Donald’s final exam. When he declared he founded a university, he collected entry fees. Eventually he was sued, and lost, because there was no university. He had been thieving young, hopeful students and their parents.

Read the book and learn more.

Judith Vandenboom