Letter: Vote for Robb Tadelman for sheriff


Signs, signs, everywhere signs. A sure indication an election day is near. The upcoming race for McHenry County Sheriff is certainly no exception to this common campaign marketing approach.

While this certainly isn’t the first election I’ve ever noticed the signs, it is the first election I have personally known one of the candidates. I have known Robb Tadelman for last decade, not only throughout our shared involvement in the community but also as a friend.

I started to think about how effective these signs are besides mere name recognition? When two signs, the same size, same color scheme, and same general font usage stand right next to each other, how does a voter know which candidate is best?

Robb has worked diligently throughout his career to better himself both personally and professionally. His core values are honor, professionalism, pride, engagement and service over self. I have been responsible for gathering volunteers for various community events, and I can always count on Robb to donate his time and lend a hand.

He takes the initiative to become more engaged in the county through his participation in Leadership Greater McHenry County. He has also served as a board member for Big Brothers Big Sisters of McHenry County and the McHenry County Jewish Congregation.

I wish the signs could tell people about his commitment to keeping the people of McHenry County safe and how his 18 years at the Sheriff’s Department have given him the experience and knowledge to carry out this mission.

I urge voters to look past the names on the signs. Don’t depend on the number of signs you see to decide which person you choose on Tuesday, June 28.

Michelle Stien