Letters to the Editor

Letter: Many thanks to our caring community

A few months ago there was a tornado warning in McHenry while I was the store. When I left, I couldn’t find my car. The wind was so loud I couldn’t hear the sirens. A wonderful couple helped me find my car, load my groceries and made sure I was alright. All of this in a downpour of freezing rain. Humanity and kindness do exist.

About six weeks ago, I fell and broke my hip. Caring neighbors were there to help as well.

The Spring Grove Emergency Unit was wonderful. It was my second call to them in four months. Both units were the best. I am so fortunate.

My surgery and initial stay was at Northwestern Medicine McHenry Hospital. I was treated with loads of TLC. The staff was amazing.

After five days I was transferred to Northwestern Medicine Woodstock Hospital for therapy for the next three weeks. Another group of kind, reassuring and very positive people made what could have been a disaster into a blessing.

Instead of dwelling on the state of the nation, I’ve decided to count my blessings, family, friends and a caring community.

LeeAnn Lord

Spring Grove