Letter: Country facing drastic changes

I can’t believe in only a few short months, how fast the Biden administration is destroying our beautiful country. Not only are we faced with huge increases in the price of gas due to his closing of the Keystone XL Pipeline (with all the lost jobs), restrictions on oil leases, and fossil fuel regulations, but also big price increases on groceries and just about everything we buy. Higher taxes will be coming as well since proposed tax increases on corporations and businesses will get passed through to all of us.

In addition, millions of immigrants from all over the world are crossing our border, being supported at taxpayer expense, and coming to communities across the United States. What are the plans for them? Perhaps they will take the jobs that are unfilled by unemployed Americans who cannot afford to work because the government (read “taxpayers”) are giving them so much money it is more than they can make at their jobs.

I don’t understand how Biden, Sanders, Pelosi, AOC and other progressives think, although capitalism enabled each of them to rise to their positions of economic security, they would prohibit others from doing the same via taking away their incentives, initiative and limiting choices with ”central planning” thereby taking away their freedom and God-given rights and instead instituting a socialist society.

Socialism throughout history has always resulted in a dictatorial elite few supported by the favored few who owe their status to the ruling elite. The rest are the masses who are subjects and have no rights except those few that are given to them. Witness Venezuela, once one of the wealthiest democracies in the world. Look at the oppressed people all over the world in Cuba, Russia, China, North Korea, et al., with socialist dictatorial governments, oppressed poverty-stricken people, political prisoners, and harsh treatment of dissidents.

I am very scared at the drastic changes we are facing and I think our country was much safer under Trump. I believe he loves this country and puts our interests first. It’s not what people say, or the way they say it, it’s what they do that counts.

Nancy Pope