Letter: In praise of governor’s handling of pandemic

To the Editor:

I would like to express my gratitude to Gov. JB Pritzker for the leadership he’s displayed and continues to provide in regards to COVID-19. [Former President Donald] Trump’s administration tasked the governors with this role, and he made the tough decisions needed to protect our lives. He lead with decisiveness and creativity (i.e., he secured personal protective equipment and got it into Illinois without the help of the feds).

Pritzker’s latest mask mandate came just in time to allow students to return to school safely.

Johnsburg’s school board initially planned to start school with no mask requirement. Sadly, it took the threat of loss of accreditation (which translates to loss of money) to change their policy. How shameful that their decision wasn’t based on protecting the health and safety of our students and all involved in their education. I’m also disturbed by the number of “Pritzker sucks” signs adorning they yards of so many homes in Johnsburg. Children play outside and see these signs every day. I’m sure it isn’t acceptable for them to talk like that in school, yet “adults” display this on their front lawns.

The best way to teach kids is through example. How disappointing this behavior is.

Mary Ann Piker