Letter: May 30th … Guilty

Letter to the Editor

I listened as the news anchor announced 34 times, “guilty,” after our former president tested the legal system to its breaking point. Then I wondered at the sadness I immediately felt. No dancing and clapping for justice served. No rejoicing. I just found myself in disbelief at the blatant lack of character being bared for all to see. So very sad.

Mr. Trump may have been exposed in a court of law, but in the hearts and minds of many, a martyr has been born. Repeated lies and internet rants have become the gospels and go-tos to feed mindless conspiracies and crucify critical, informed thinking. That alone is alarming. Still, sadness is what I feel most.

So, how did we ever arrive at May 30th without even yet addressing Trump’s role in the Jan. 6th insurrection; the call to Georgia’s Secretary of State to rearrange votes; the obstruction of classified, purloined documents; the fake electors; the daily lies; the hourly harangues; gleeful boasts of self-approval after grabbing women whenever and wherever he chooses to grab; hurling slurs and threats at anyone with opposing views … unimaginable, and, yes, so very sad.

On May 30th, listening to the verdict, I wondered at my sadness. Now, I’m frantically searching for hope.

Joan Skiba


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