Letter: ‘Obscene tax increase’ in McHenry County

Letter to the Editor

Hello folks:

I just received my 2024 real estate tax bill. HOLY GUACAMOLE DIP!!

My bill went up 17.5% from last year to the tune of a $1,015.24 increase for my house, which IS NOT for sale. I would like to thank the Nunda Township assessor for raising the assessment on my AGING home 25% and all 17 taxing bodies on my bill for now making it impossible for my family to visit a bar, restaurant, theater, ball game, etc. Sorry, local businesses, your sales will now drop.

The top offenders by amount of money increase are McHenry School District 15, McHenry High School District 156, McHenry County, McHenry Township Fire Protection District, and the McHenry Public Library.

Now I know my Republican friends (I don’t have any) will all blame Joe Biden for this even though this is a Republican dominated county!! I don’t understand how any elderly homeowner living on Social Security alone can now afford to remain in McHenry County and not move with this obscene tax increase, which is about five times the current inflation rate.

Chuck Berndt


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