Letter: Stop illegal immigration

Letter to the Editor

I’m a son of an immigrant that entered America via the official immigration laws required of foreigners wanting to be an American citizen. My father arrived at Ellis Island with his mother and two siblings on the S.S. Berlin, not the Queen Elizabeth, and no cabin suite as on today’s cruise lines. My grandfather left his family for America to establish sponsorship that allowed his wife and children to immigrate to America.

Ellis Island processing, or ‘vetting’, of immigrants was rigorous with physical examinations the norm and in this process, one of my father’s siblings, who had a prosthetic eye was not allowed entry. This was heartbreaking for our family that entailed a difficult decision requiring the son, not a minor, to be sent back to country of origin. That’s the power of American citizenship that a family continues after losing a child.

Today, in Biden’s world with open borders the immigration processing is not “vetting,” it’s giving “humanitarian parole” and getting an asylum appointment at a border checkpoint to wait an average of nearly four years for a decision of remaining or deportation. It’s President Biden who is playing politics with the border and lies that it’s the Republicans in not passing the Border Act. The act’s provision gives authority to “shut down” the border, only to kick in when a seven-day average number is above 5,000 per day.

In Biden’s world, that’s a border “shut down.” Come On, Man!

Robert Meale

Crystal Lake