Algonquin man accused of delivering $9K in marijuana sentenced to over 6 years in prison

Police say packages of pot sent to Algonquin home originated in California

Steven Radak

An Algonquin man pleaded guilty Friday to delivering 2,000 to 5,000 grams of marijuana and was sentenced to 6½ years in prison.

In exchange for his plea, additional charges filed against Steven B. Radak in 2022 were dismissed, including a more serious marijuana trafficking charge that could have landed him in prison for decades, according to McHenry County court records.

Radak, 37, of the zero to 100 block of Twickenham Court, also is required to pay fines including the $9,000 street value of 6 pounds of marijuana he was seen dropping off at a home in Fox River Grove, Assistant State’s Attorney Matthew Brodersen said.

Radak is required to serve half of the prison term and after his release, he will be on mandatory supervised release for one year. He will receive credit for 89 days served in the county jail, according to the sentencing order.

In sentencing him, Judge Mark Gerhardt noted that the offenses were committed as the result of the use of, abuse of or addiction to alcohol or illicit drugs.

Radak was arrested after the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Task Force learned that he was receiving several large packages through the mail that were suspected to contain marijuana, prosecutors said in a motion asking the judge to require he show proof of where any bail funds would come from.

Investigators saw Radak with the packages and then witnessed him dropping them off at another residence, according to the motion. After obtaining a search warrant, police searched the packages and reported finding marijuana.

A search of his home found more marijuana, shipping labels for the packages already identified, other boxes similar to the ones already discovered, a vacuum sealer, a scale and other packaging materials, according to the motion.

Postal history shows the packages originated in California, according to the motion.