Letter: Holiday traditions

Letter to the Editor

With the holiday season fast approaching, I would like to share some traditions our family has embraced to make it an enjoyable experience for all. We decided to go to a family grab bag and get gifts for one person only. It is acceptable to ask the person drawn to indicate what they would like as a gift.

When asked, my answer is always the same. Since I have four grandsons and one princess, I tell the parent that they must take my grandchildren to a grocery store and let them select the food for the cart. The money spent will be equivalent to what they would have spent on me. Payment is made by handing the cash, no credit cards, to the child, hopefully with some of their allowance included, who then hands it to the cashier. The entire family will then take the goods to food pantry for distribution to those in need.

As a parent and primary teacher, you have just taught your child the concept of helping others, working together as a family and how money can be used to help people. Then it’s off for a family snack to discuss today’s activities. Like this idea? Start your own family tradition. Share it with a friend, take this idea to work and post it and have an enjoyable holiday this year.

Dan Malecki

Crystal Lake