It’s Primary Election Day: Here’s what voters in La Salle, Bureau and Putnam counties need to know

Polls close at 7 p.m.

Election 2024
The sun rises over a "Vote Here" sign in Princeton. Temperatures are forecasted to be in the lower 60's with sunny skies on Election Day.

La Salle, Bureau and Putnam counties voters head to the Illinois Primary Election polls Tuesday to select their preferred political party candidates who hope to gain the nomination in the November General Election.

Since the last election, legislative lines were redrawn across the state and in local races, so voters should keep in mind redistricting boundaries as they cast their ballots. In November 2021, the La Salle County Board voted to approve a new district map, which can be found at https://lasallecountyil.gov/lasalle-county-board-district-and-precincts/

Bureau County followed suit, approving new map.

For information about voting and polling locations, visit the La Salle County Elections Office’s website, https://lasallecountyil.gov/electionsvoting/ or the Bureau County Clerk’s Office website, https://bureaucountyclerk.com/ or the Putnam County Clerk’s Office website, https://putnamil.gov/county-offices/county-clerk-recorder-office/clerk-s-division

Polls are open until 7 p.m. Tuesday.

To read about the candidates before you hit the polls, go to https://www.shawlocal.com/news-tribune/election/

Illinois House of Representatives

District 73 Rep. Ryan Spain, R-Peoria is running unopposed.

District 74 candidates include Dixon Mayor and Republican Liando “Li” Arellano Jr. against Republican Brad Fritts of Dixon.

District 75 candidates include incumbent Rep. David Welter, R-Morris, and Rep. Jed Davis of Newark.

District 76 includes incumbent Rep. Lance Yednock, D-Ottawa, and Rep. Jason Haskell, R-Peru. They have no challenger in the primary.

District 105 includes Kyle Ham of Bloomington, Dennis Tipsword of Metamora, Mike Kirkton of Gridley and Don Reints of Benson.

District 106 Rep. Thomas Bennett, R-Gibson City, is running unopposed.

Illinois Senate

Senate District 37 candidates include incumbent Sen. Win Stoller, R-Germantown Hills, and Rep. Brett Nicklaus of Dixon.

Senate District 38, incumbent Sen. Sue Rezin, R-Morris, is running unopposed.

Senate District 53, Sen. Jason Barickman, R-Bloomington is running unopposed.

U.S. Representative

District 14 candidates include Scott R. Gryder, R-Oswego; Jaime Milton, R-Fox River Grove; Mike Koolidge, R-Rochelle; Jack Lombardi, R-Manhattan; James Marter R-Oswego vying for Republican nomination for an opportunity to run against Democratic incumbent Lauren Underwood, D-Naperville.

District 16 candidates for Republican nomination include incumbent Darin LaHood, R-Dunlap; retired Rockford engineer Walt Peters, Rockford attorney JoAnne Guillemette and Minooka business owner Michael Rebresh.

La Salle County

County Clerk: Lori Bongartz, Democrat; Steven Stohr, Republican, and Jennifer Ebner, Republican

Treasurer: James Spelich, Republican

Sheriff: Adam Diss, Republican

District 1: JoAnne McNally, Republican

District 2: Gary Small, Republican

District 3: Kindra Pottinger, Republican

District 4: Beth Findley Smith, Republican

District 5: Catherine Owens, Republican, John Middleton, Republican

District 7: Craig Emmett, Republican

District 8: Douglas Stockley, Republican

District 9: Carolyn Moore, Democrat; Ray Gatza, Republican, and Joseph Nuske, Republican

District 10: Joseph Oscepinski Jr., Democrat; Glen Pratt, Republican

District 11: Rick O’Sadnick, Republican, and Martin Rue Jr., Republican

District 12: Jill Bernal, Democrat; Lynette Thompson, Republican

District 13: Mike Kasap, Democrat; Crystal Loughran, Republican

District 14: Joseph Savitch, Democrat

District 15: David Torres, Democrat

District 16: Joseph A. Panzica, Democrat; William Brown Jr, Republican, and Nicole Mertes, Republican

District 17: Douglas Trager, Democrat

District 18: Lloyd Chapman, Republican

District 19: Lou Ann Carretto, Democrat

District 20: Tom Walsh, Democrat

District 21: Brian Dose, Democrat

District 22: Jerry Hicks, Democrat; Stephan Aubry, Republican

District 23: Michael McEmery Sr., Republican

District 24: Arratta Znaniecki, Republican

District 27: Walter Roach, Republican

District 28: Matt Slager, Republican

District 29: Tina Busch, Republican

Bureau County

Sheriff: James Reed, Democrat

Clerk: Matthew Eggers, Republican

Treasurer: Joseph Birkey, Republican

District 1: Deb Feeney, Democrat

District 2: Robert McCook, Democrat

District 3: Joseph Bickett, Democrat; Sandy Hoos, Republican

District 4: Marshann Entwhistle, Republican

District 5: Dale Anderson, Republican

District 6: Derek Whited, Republican

District 7: Marsha Lilley, Republican

District 8: Kristi Warren, Republican

District 9: Keith Cain, Republican

District 10: John Baracani, Democrat

District 11: Mary Jane Marini, Democrat

District 12: Dave Argubright, Democrat

District 13: Ronald “Tom” Dobrich, Democrat

District 14: Kerwin Paris, Republican

District 16: Jason Floyd, Republican

District 17: Connie Stetson, Republican

District 18: Lizabeth Novotny, Republican

Putnam County

Clerk: Tina Dolder, Democrat

Treasurer: Kevin Kunkel, Democrat

Sheriff: Joshua Boedigheimer, Democrat; Brian Gonet, Republican

County Board: Democrats Luke Holly, Charles Lenkaitis, Anthony “Tony” Rue, Floyd “BJ” Holocker; Republicans Jaye Debates, Joseph King, Jeffrey Purtell, Steven Malavolti, James Shurts Jr.

For any questions regarding your district, contact the La Salle County Clerk’s office at 815-434-8202, the Bureau County Clerk’s office at 815-872-2201 or Putnam County clerk’s office at 815-925-7129.