GOP U.S. House, Senate candidates stop in Peru, oppose Inflation Reduction Act

Scott Gryder and Kathy Salvi discuss inflation and manufacturing

Republican candidates for the 14th Congressional District Scott Gryder and for U.S. Senate Kathy Salvi said Thursday they would have voted against the recent Inflation Reduction Act.

The duo visited Peru, touring Maze Nails, a manufacturing plant in Peru, and met with different people throughout the day. The two addressed the state of manufacturing in Illinois and expressed their opposition to the IRA.

The IRA is a bill drafted by Democrats to curb inflation by reducing the deficit, increase spending on domestic clean energy and climate change, lower prescription drug prices and increase the tax rate to 15% on billion dollar corporations.

Both said they don’t think the bill will achieve its main purpose, which is to reduce inflation.

“We need to have an energy independence here in America,” Gryder said. “The 14th congressional district is a very strong energy producer ... we need to open up the pipelines because there’s tremendous energy potential here. Once we get that stability back, that’ll help bring down inflation.”

Gryder, an Oswego lawyer who serves as the Kendall County Board chair, is running against incumbent Lauren Underwood (D-Naperville) for the seat in the U.S. House from the newly-drawn 14th Congressional District, which now includes La Salle, Peru and Ottawa. He won the Republican nomination out of a five-candidate field.

Salvi, who is running for U.S. Senate against incumbent Democrat Tammy Duckworth, said the problem in Illinois, specifically, is people being “overtaxed” and “over-regulated,” saying instead the solution is to deregulate. She said she believes in bringing back domestic energy production by opening up permitting on federal lands for gas and oil drilling and opening up the keystone pipeline.

Gryder said a concern is when he hears people say they’re leaving Illinois to move to Texas, Tennessee, Florida and other states. He said less taxes and less regulations are important to keep people and corporations in Illinois.

Gryder said his next steps include meeting as many people as he can and continue to get his message out there.

“I want to stay here and fight in Illinois,” Gryder said. “This is where my family is, this is where I’m raising my family, and that’s why I’m running for Congress.”

“People want confidence in their leaders, and sending Kathy Salvi and Scott Gryder to the U.S Senate for Congress will be a great step in the right direction,” Salvi said. “We both want to fight for the people and all the families and fine workers here.”