Peru approves Veterans Park field improvements, continues Pistol Shrimp negotiations

Mayor hopes for an announcement on team’s future soon

Peru approved $33,250 worth of field improvements at Veterans Park.

Despite ongoing negotiations with the Illinois Valley Pistol Shrimp, city officials said the construction will be needed for renovations not directly related to negotiations.

Director of Parks, Recreation and Special Events Adam Thorson said the dirt section of the infield will be renovated to meet regulation size and standards. The work also will repair the baselines and include a complete re-sod of the field.

Mayor Ken Kolowski mentioned the water lines underneath the field are in need of repair as well.

“It’s the field that IVCC and the Pistol Shrimp played on last year,” Thorson said. “The dirt part of the field is just too large and just not dimensional. We’ll get it back to what it should be and it’ll be better for next year.”

Thorson mentioned this move is more related to an agreement the city signed with IVCC, but also it is repairs that needed to take place regardless. Kolowski added these improvements would not hurt the negotiations with the Pistol Shrimp as well.

“Long-term plan, it will help us moving forward with the Pistol Shrimp,” Kolowski said. “Right now it’s just general maintenance out there. It’s more of a maintenance thing with the city than anything else.”

Kolowski mentioned discussions between the city and the collegiate summer league ball club are still ongoing and he hopes to have news to share with the public in the near future.

“Things are moving forward and we’ll hopefully have a big announcement on the 25th,” Kolowski said. “That will be our next council meeting.”

Kolowski added the team was well received by the community and the Pistol Shrimp were happy with the city — and that “it is a work in progress at this time.”

Jayce Eustice

Covering local government, breaking news and whatever is thrown at me for the La Salle News Tribune