Putnam County property transfers: June 2023

Putnam County Courthouse

Here are the Putnam County property transfers for June of 2023.

June 1

David, Patricia and Steven Fiedler and Karla and Todd Davis to David, Patricia, Steven, Nicholas and Jacob Fiedler and Todd, Karla and Cody Davis and Lexi Campbell, deed, 04-24-0170-000, $0.

June 2

Nicolette, William and Cheryl Lucas to Emilie and Carl Chamberlain, deed, Colby’s N. H. Second Addition Granville 02-00-060-100, $40,000.

Bettina Moews Revocable Trust to Moews Liquidation LLC, deed, 02-13-150-000, $0.

Moews Seed Company to Bettina Moews Revocable Trust, deed, 02-13-150-000 Q:NE S:15 T:32 R:1, $0.

Donal R. Murphy Testamentary Trust to Sheryl Murphy, deed, 03-04-270-000 Q:SW S:22 T:14 R:9, $0.

June 5

Mark and Christine Angelo to Sharon Meade, deed, 04-26-261-00 Q:SW S:36 T:31 R:2, $46,000.

Nathan Cumpton and Nathan Cook to Gary Wayne and Gary Leon Merkel, deed, 03-00-032-160 Lake Thunderbird Hills L:80, $2,000.

Paul Read to Paul Read Revocable Trust, deed, properties, $0.

Christopher Coleman to Paige Mellentine, deed, 02-00-069-070 Archibald Hopkins Granville, $119,000.

June 6

St. Margaret’s Hospital to OSF HealthCare System, C H Smith Addition -Granville L: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, $0.

June 7

Larry Turner Jr. to Sandra Hernandez, deed, N H Colby’s Third Addition Granville L:15 and 16, $12,500.

Randy Lee Peterson to Randy Lee Peterson and Bradley George Peterson, deed, 03-00-081-210 Indian Hills L:149, $0.

Wes and Paula Uden and Jeremy Moore to Jeremy Moore, Paula and Wes Uden and Chad and Chanda Bohnsack, deed, 03-00-032-030 Lake Thunderbird Hills L:67, $350.

Barbara Chambers to Jon Sabotta, deed, 04-00-056-020 McNabb Development Corp Addition, $193,000.

June 8

32625 S. Route 53 LLC to Nicholas Wallace, deed, multiple properties, $239,000.

Chester and Janina Kowalczyk to Chester and Janina Kowalczyk and Jozef Mrugala, deed, Lake Thunderbird Woods L:40, $0.

June 9

Joseph Mecagni to Joseph Mecagni Revocable Trust, deed, Village of Hennepin L:19 B:8, $0.

Pettit Family Revocable Living Trust to Chad Arnett, deed, multiple Granville properties, $0.

Cynthia, Justin, Kali and Taylor Pettit to Chad Arnett, deed, multiple Granville properties, $0.

Michael Pettit to Chad Arnett, deed, multiple Granville properties, $0.

Christine Fiedler, Cynthia Giuliani, Annette Gualandi and Kristin Tonozzi to Chad Arnett, deed, multiple Granville properties, $50,000.

June 12

Estate of Jesus Ramirez to Michael Schrowang, deed, Village of Granville L: 7 B:5, L:8 B:5m $78,000.

Jeremy and Melissa Actis to Melissa McLaughlin to Brandon and Julia Fowkes, deed, multiple Magnolia properties, $270,000.

June 13

Winkler Trust Agreement and Sami Balestri Revocable Trust to Eric and Jennifer Kelsey, deed, Q:NW S:27 T:32 R:1, $0.

Eric Kelsey to Winkler Trust Agreement and Sami Balestri Revocable Trust, deed, Q:SW S:27 T:32 R:1, $0.

June 14

Paul Read to Paul E. Revocable Trust, deed, multiple properties, $10.

Mark and Karen Roberson to Karen Roberson, deed, Fun Acres Addition - Magnolia 04-00-057-220, $0.

June 16

Moriarty Family Trust to Michael and Cathy Moriarty, deed, 02-00-086-250 Village of Mark L:80, $120,000.

Keith and Denise Boggio to Joseph and Christine Miglorini, deed, multiple properties, $1,870,000.

June 20

Estate of Frank Nykiel to Nev Jerome Peltier and Elizabeth Ann Lindstrom, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills Plat #3 L:649, $2,500.

William and Katerina Nickel to Salvador and Martha Ochoa, deed, F. W. Sucher’s Second Addition - Standard 02-00-101-075 , $83,000.

Vicki Kuntzman to Kristina Rea and Michael Cass, deed, Replat of Lake Thunderbird Hills #3 L:1, $0.

Mason and Drewann Lee to Lorymar Vargas and Stephanie Lurk, deed, 01-22-080-000 Q:NW S:26 T:32 R:2, $168,000.

June 21

Jill Kowalczyk to Janice Cassiday and Edwin Bishop, deed, 01-29-113-000 Q:SE S:36 T:33 R:2, $160,000.

Patricia Muilenburg Declaration of Trust to Jill Kowalczyk, deed, 01-29-113-000 Q:SE S:36 T:33 R:2, $0.

June 23

Diane Nibungco to Scott and Alana McCullough, deed, 03-00-079-030 Indian Hills L:67, $6,000.

Richard Lami Trust, Gerald Lenkaitis Living Trust and Kathleen Living Trust to Connie Hartman, deed, 03-00-086-070 Indian Hills L:295, $1,500.

June 26

Betty Ruppert, Gary Miller and James Miller to Betty Ruppert, Gary Miller and James Miller, deed, multiple properties, $0.

Aureliano Martinez to Maria Salud Leal Calderon and Jesus Martinez, deed, 02-16-216-000 Q:SW S:23 T:32 R:1, $0.

June 27

Mary and Mark Judd to Charles and Cheryl Judd, deed, Parkview Section 4 Hennepin L:2, $0.

June 28

Delores J. Anderson Joint Trust to Andrew and Jennifer Glenn, deed, 04-00-038-100 Patterson’s Addition - Magnolia, $65,000.

Sharon and Ann Penner to Gloria Neal to Randall and Denise Salisbury, deed, 03-01-262-000 Q:SW S:3 T:14 R:9, $1,079,475.

James Engleking to Donald Bouxsein, deed, multiple properties, $0.

June 29

Crystal Baum to Daniel Baum, deed, multiple properties, $0.

June 30

Edie Walker Living Trust ot EMW RLT Holdings LLC, deed, Lake Thunderbird Hills Plat #2 L:447, $0.