Peru council talks increasing parking tickets to $20 for parking fine, $50 for snow route fine

Police chief suggests increase as further incentive to follow regulations

Parking ticket fines in Peru may increase soon for all parking and snow route violations.

Police Chief Bob Pyszka suggested the idea to the City Council on Monday. He said the current fines are some of the lowest in the area and increasing them may provide further incentive for people to adhere to the regulations.

The current fines are $10 for a standard parking violation and $25 for a snow route violation. Pyszka proposed increasing the parking fine to $20 and the snow route fine to $50.

Parking violation examples include parking in a no parking zone, the wrong side of the road or in a fire lane. Parking on any public street after 3 or more inches of snow results in a snow route violation.

Alderman Aaron Buffo and Alderman Jason Edgcomb said they would support an increase to the snow ordinance. Both said it’s a problem when cars are in violation of the snow route because it causes issues for snow removal. Pyszka also said it will help the public works department by hopefully motivating people to follow the regulation.

The city’s attorney Scott Schweickert was tasked with writing up a new city ordinance to reflect the potential ticket fee increases for the next council meeting at 7 p.m Monday, Aug. 29, at 1901 Fourth St.