B-25 bomber Rosie’s Reply cancels trip to Peru

Organizers hope historical aircraft will visit in 2022

The historical B-25 bomber Rosie’s Reply was originally scheduled to appear Saturday in Peru and be a part of Sunday’s Breakfast at the Airport event.

Unfortunately, Yankee Air Museum Director of Outreach Services and PR Executive Dave Callanan announced the aircraft will not be touching down in Peru this year with hopes to bring it to the Illinois Valley Regional Airport in 2022.

Rosie’s Reply serves dual significance among fans of historic aircrafts as it was largely built by thousands of women on the home front collectively known as Rosie the Riveters and is one of two surviving b-25 bombers with combat experience.

The aircraft was based out of Corsica and flew eight missions over Italy in 1944. Rosie’s Reply honors both the men who fought abroad and the women who entered the industrial manufacturing workforce.

Jayce Eustice

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