Streator Elementary may not have school resource officer until spring

City plans to hire successor to Jordan Risley, who recently resigned

The Streator police will continue to provide a school resource officer in the elementary school district, but it may not be until the spring semester.

Streator Police Resource Officer Jordan Risley resigned to pursue another opportunity, leaving the post vacant.

Since the resignation was unexpected and city had no successor planned, City Manager David Plyman said the department will need time to hire a new officer and train them. The resource officer program also requires additional training, Plyman said.

The Streator City Council will vote on its regular agreement with the school district at its Wednesday, June 22, meeting.

The city receives compensation from the Streator Elementary School District for the school resource officer, but the district will not be expected to compensate the city until the post is filled. Plyman said the arrangement allows the city to keep an additional officer on its roster, because the resource officer returns to shift duties when school is not in session for the summer. The district pays only for the portion of time the resource officer serves the schools.

In years past, the Streator High School district had partnered with the city and Streator police department to provide a school resource officer on its grounds. The high school board, however, opted to hire its own officer to save costs.

School officials have said the role of a school resource officer is not only to respond to situations when they arise, but also to serve as a mentor to students and to deter violence from occurring on school grounds.

The city also agreed to continue the crossing guard program. The city levies a property tax and provides for two crossing guards in Streator using part-time district employees.