Streator High seeks a new school resource officer

Job description includes the need to be certified to carry a weapon

Streator High School will post a job notice for a school resource officer.

Superintendent Matt Seaton said an ideal candidate likely will be a retired officer, because the job description wants candidates to hold a firearm control card and meet recent training standards for possessing a firearm.

In years past, Streator High School has partnered with the city of Streator and Streator police department to provide a school resource officer on its grounds. Last month, the Streator High board issued a letter to the Streator City Council it intended on not renewing the contract.

The board was pleased with the school resource officer program, including the services of Streator officer George Krasnican, who served as the SRO on and off the past two decades.

Streator High board members have said the cost to the district of roughly $108,000 is high.

City Manager David Plyman said Krasnican is a more tenured officer. With the resource officer agreement not renewed, it will allow an opportunity for Krasnican to be promoted and patrol full-time, Plyman said.

Seaton said he contacted the La Salle County Sheriff’s Office about the possibility of partnering with them, and he was told they don’t have the staffing available at this time to do so.

Seaton said the role of a school resource officer is not only to respond to situations when they arise, but also to serve as a mentor to students and to deter violence from occurring on school grounds.

Officer Jordan Risley serves as the resource officer in Streator elementary schools. Streator Elementary intends on maintaining Risley’s services.