Missing dog saved in Streator after another pooch finds it trapped in a sinkhole

Streator firefighters use harness to rescue Macy, then take her to Countryside Animal Clinic

Streator firefighters help Macy after she emerges from the sinkhole.

Liz Price and her family had spent nearly a full day searching for their 11-year-old dog, Macy. Then a man named AJ and his dog, Wrigley, found her in a sinkhole at Marilla Park in Streator on Saturday morning.

Price said Macy is now home asleep, attempting to warm up after hours spent inside the approximately five-foot deep sinkhole, which was initially covered up with snow.

“It was like, ‘Oh my God, she’s found,’” Price said. “We didn’t know where she was at all and thank God she was found and she was OK. It was so overwhelming.”

Streator firefighters help Macy after she emerges from the sinkhole.
Police tape and barricades surround a sinkhole at Marilla Park in Streator. A dog started barking when it discovered another dog trapped in the sinkhole. Streator firefighters rescued the dog, Macy, who was returned to its owners who had been frantically searching for her.

Price said Macy got a nice bath at Countryside Animal Clinic, where they took really good care of her and gave her some medicine to help with soreness she might experience over the next few days.

Macy was found when Wrigley passed by the sinkhole and started growling, then barking. Once Macy started barking back, the fire department was called and the rescue mission was on.

Firefighters were able to get a harness around her and pull her up from inside the sinkhole, where an excited Macy made sure to say hello to everyone who helped.

Updates on this story will come as more information is made available.

Macy is the 11-year-old dog who was rescued from a sinkhole at a Streator park.