Streator contracts with Connecting Point in Peru for IT services

City will not hire a successor for retiring IT specialist

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Streator will be using Connecting Point in Peru to provide information technology support.

Streator IT Specialist Eric Isermann, who also assists in managing Anderson Golf Course, is retiring after 14 1/2 years with the city.

Instead of hiring a successor, the City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to subscribe to Connecting Point’s Computer Care Managed Service program at a premium level for a monthly fee of $2,102, which amounts to $25,224 annually.

“Most of our computer issues can be handled remotely,” Plyman said in a memo to the City Council. “Any on-site work will be billed at an additional hourly basis ($115 to $150) depending on the level of skill required to resolve the problem.”

The city had paid $79,161 for full-time staff, plus allowances, but staff was not limited strictly to providing IT services, according to the city’s 2021 compensation report.