3 Things to Know About Schluter DITRA Floor Warming Systems

If winter’s bitter cold is making you long for the warmth of the sunny south, consider that you have options for adding affordable floor-warming systems in your home. If you’re planning to install new tile in your house, an electric floor warming system is a great way to add comfort and luxury to your home. Steve’s Flooring & Design in Morris offers DITRA-HEAT electric floor warming systems, a popular offering that customers rave about. Here are 3 things to know about DITRA floor warming systems:

1. DITRA-HEAT is the only electric floor warming system that ensures that floors aren’t susceptible to cracked tiles and grout. Uncoupling technology is directly incorporated into the warming system, which maximizes the integrity of the tile assembly with an underlayment that accommodates the stress of daily use. The system also offers waterproofing and vapor management to protect the tiles from excess moisture that can lead to mold growth.

2. The DITRA-HEAT cables allow homeowners to create customized heating zones. A sister system, DITRA-HEAT-DUO, is for heated tiled floors with the added benefits of sound control and thermal break. Both systems allow cables to be placed wherever the heat is needed, and both directly incorporate the uncoupling technology to ensure the grout and floor tiles won’t crack.

3. DITRA-HEAT system membranes are easy to install. While it’s best to have a professional installer handle this part of the job, it’s possible for DIYers to do it if they have some experience with the tiling process. The membrane is a terrific alternative to cement backer board or plywood that sits underneath the tile. It is lightweight and easy to transport and cut, and no leveling compounds are required. There is also no waiting time in between installation steps.

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