Letter: Lisa Haderlein for Congress

Congress 16th District candidate Lisa Haderlein

I am running as the Democratic candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 16th District. I have lived and worked within the current 16th District since 1990.

My husband and I moved to Harvard in 2001. For the last 20 years, I have been the executive director of a nonprofit land conservation organization, where I created jobs and raised millions of dollars for the preservation of public and private-owned natural and agricultural lands, without the use of tax dollars.

For the past three years, I have served on the Harvard City Council and the Library Board, where I work together with other elected and appointed officials to manage a municipal budget and work to ensure that all residents’ needs are met. Similarly, as the director of a nonprofit, I work with municipalities, state, federal and local agencies, foundations and private landowners, while managing a budget and strengthening the organization.

I decided to enter the Congressional race in July to make sure voters have a choice when they vote this fall. There is a lot at stake in our country right now, and I believe my values are more in sync with the voters’ than my opponent’s.

I have a strong history of working hard, improving the world around me, using available resources effectively and learning quickly. If I am elected, I will devote my energy to protecting reproductive choice, voting rights, health care, Social Security, Medicare and the environment. In short, I will support the things that improve people’s lives.

Lisa Haderlein