Letter to Editor: What is the GOP hidng?

To the Editor:

I think the reader should know where my assessment comes from in order to see my viewpoint today. Wyoming’s GOP representative Liz Cheney is the daughter of the most manipulative vice president in history. Vice President [Dick] Cheney let [Osama] Bin Laden get away so he could start an unnecessary war with Iraq. He conned [George W.] Bush and much of the world into thinking [former Iraq President] Saddam [Hussein] had weapons of mass destruction. He and Liz threw her lesbian sister under the bus to get elected. I don’t like their ideas of nut cake politics, but her search for the truth on the insurrection at a personal cost gets my admiration and support.

I never supported [U.S.] Adam Kinzinger when he was a county bigwig or as a congressman. His ultra-conservative views are for the dustbin of history and have led to the political darkness America is in today. I don’t know if he has seen where we are headed as General [Mark] Milley and millions of not-so-gullible Americans have for several years. I have often compared the last four years to Germany’s early history with Hitler and his sycophants. Maybe the Jan. 6 insurrection opened his eyes to the fact the GOP has been taken supported and covertly led by anarchists. The core group was children of the John Birch Society. However, even they became scared of [former President Donald] Trump and put their support into Biden while still helping other Republicans. I support Adam Kinzinger.

A hero is someone who, at great personal cost, does something they swore to do. Today, that is what Cheney and Kinzinger are doing on the select committee to expose the truth about who planned, aided, supported and directed the insurrection.

Chuck Johnson