Looking Back for March 15, 2023

Tom & Jerry's Restaurant at the 185 West Lincoln Highway location in May 1975.

1923 – 100 Years Ago

Due to a freight car being derailed this morning near Belvidere the Sycamore train on the North Western was held in DeKalb for several hours. It was scheduled to leave DeKalb at 8:50 a.m., but did not leave until word had been received from Belvidere to the effect that the road was clear. Interurban cars suffered in making the trip this morning and were delayed in several places by the snow and slippery rails. The large sweeper went out and cleared the track of snow, which made passage better for a while, however, the snow kept falling and drifts were prevalent in several places.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Larson, living in East Locust Street in DeKalb, have this week received a letter from their nephew, Captain Beere, who is in charge of one of the large transports between United States and Norway. The captain tells his relatives here of a thrilling experience recently when his ship was called to the rescue of another which had been damaged and was sinking. Captain Beere said he and his men saved the lives of 42 people from the wrecked steamer, and the experience was one of the most thrilling of his career.

DeKalb’s new store, the National Tea Company, which rented the Dee building will open soon, now that the stock is rapidly arriving and arranged in orderly fashion. The manager experienced a little trouble with the recent storm in that the goods were all sent out here in large trucks and now that is impossible.

Work on Love’s new garage in Sycamore is nearing completion and workmen are applying the interior finishing touches. The building is one story in a deep red brick with a very attractive front, having a front and rear entrance. When it is finally completed the place will be turned over to a Sycamore man who handles well known makes of cars. The front has a large window where the show room will be in plain view to those passing.

Peter Aldis of Cortland lost a cow by death this week.

Bad as the traffic situation has been around DeKalb and east of here, it has been far wore in the country to the west. The snow was heavier and it piled in huge drifts, the going being so bad that the bus service to the west has had to be discontinued for a couple of days.

1948 – 75 Years Ago

Sycamore’s Community Center was closed this morning which was understood to be due to a shortage of fuel oil. It is expected that an announcement will be made tomorrow concerning the length of the closing. Every effort is being made to locate some fuel oil in order that the center may resume operations. There are two basketball games scheduled for this evening and two more tomorrow evening in the Civic Center League. It is hoped that the fuel may be obtained for the games as well as returning the center to its regular operating hours.

Every American should display the flag on Army Day, April 6. It is the one way that citizens can demonstrate publicly the esteem with which they regard the accomplishments of the American ground soldier in war and peace. Originally designated to commemorate the date on which the United States entered the First World War. In many towns and cities, Army Day is also enlistment day for scores of qualified young men who mark the occasion by joining either the Regular Army or one of its civilian components.

Schoolmarms of DeKalb County who are interested in the teaching of penmanship have been advised by Superintendent Marjorie F. Leinauer that a course in that subject will be offered as an extension course by Northern Illinois State Teachers College during the spring quarter.

Delivering convicted prisoners to the state penal authorities is one of the less pleasant duties of Sheriff Arthur E. Anderson. And when they have to be delivered to the Illinois State Penal Farm at Vandalia, it also means a long day’s hard work. This week cars from the sheriff’s office made the round trip to Vandalia three times, hauling six prisoners to the “peanut farm” as those who have been there call it.

Sometime during the night the Saliee Implement Sales, located at 625 Oak Street in DeKalb was entered by burglars and an electric drill valued at $75 was stolen. The report of the burglary was received by the DeKalb police at 8 o’clock this morning, the theft being discovered when the place was opened for business this morning. Entrance to the building was gained by breaking a window on the west side along the alley. A small radio had been disconnected and was set on a bench, but was not taken by the burglars.

1973 – 50 Years Ago

Timothy Higham, 25, of 2231 Fairland St., Sycamore was charged with driving while intoxicated and speeding last night. Malta and county sheriff’s police said they chased Higham on Illinois 38 east toward DeKalb at speeds of over 100 miles per hour before one of the officers was able to pass Higham and box him in.

Vandals broke into the Haish School, 309 S. Ninth St., and Wednesday night and removed money from a soda machine. Police said the suspects also entered the school office, but it was not damaged.

Richard Faltzs of the Somonauk Jaycees presented ideas for a proposed park during Wednesday night’s Village Board meeting. Faltz said the Jaycees would like to have the park ready for use by this summer but their organization is small and their funds are limited.

A deer was killed when it darted into the path of an auto driven by Dorothy Thomas, of County Line Road, Esmond, last night on Illinois 72 west of here. She was not injured. A passing motorists illegally carried away the deer, according to Sheriff’s Deputy Fred Van Houten who warned that a deer is considered state property.

1998 - 25 Years Ago

Enjoy low local gas prices while you can for, as the mercury rises toward spring, so will the price you pay for a tankful. Gasoline prices are at the lowest in four years, according to a survey from the AAA-Chicago Motor Club. The per gallon price of regular unleaded for Illinois counties, excluding Cook, averaged $1.06, down a full 28 cents from last year’s February price.

Opportunity House Inc. announces the addition of Client and Family Support to the programs and services it offers. Client and Family Support provides training, consultation and support to adults with developmental disabilities who live with their families or in their own homes.

A group of DeKalb and Afton Township residents flooded the DeKalb Plan Commission meeting and spoke out against a golf course/subdivision proposed just outside the city southernmost tip. Developer George Stratton wants to build a nine-hole golf course, 175 single-family homes, a cluster of townhouses and a commercial site at the northwest corner of Keslinger Road and Route 23.

Compiled by Sue Breese