Looking Back for September 7, 2022

DeKalb Fair Grounds in 1894 before NIU campus was built in that spot.

1922 – 100 Years Ago

Dr.D. C. Schreck is enjoying all the pleasures that go with the purchase of a new car, buying a Dodge sedan the first of the week. Although Dr. Schreck has been driving a Ford for some time and his had the best of service with it he felt as though he needed a heavier car.

One of the girl students at the Glidden school was struck by a bicycle ridden by one of the boys there this noon, and although not injured seriously was badly frightened. It was at first thought she was hurt but later it developed that the injuries consisted of scratches. This little mishap, fortunately not of a serious nature, should be a lesson to the boys of the city who are continually riding bicycles on the sidewalks.

Two new delivery trucks have been competed this week by the DeKalb Wagon Company, one for Vere Goodyear and his Sally Ann bread delivery and the other for Corey& Evans. The new job for Corey &Evans is an enclosed truck throughout and will be a decided asset to the firm. The firm has been sending several trucks to Chicago within the last several weeks, due to rail conditions and the addition of new equipment will allow this work to be done the year around, regardless of the elements.

Sandwich Fair activities are calling many Sycamore people each day to the southern part of the county to take in the various sights. On Monday morning Judge Clinton Irwin of the circuit court called off the session in order that he might attend the fair with a party of friends and also so that some of the rural members of the jury could attend to some pressing farm work.

Canning operations in Sycamore homes are being held up due to the fact that grocery store dealers are unable to buy canning jars. This is the first time in many years that jar manufacturers have been unable to supply the demand. In previous years the supply has been too great and the factories have been closed down the greater part of the year.

Although it is rather late in the season there is much construction work planned forMalta to take place before cold weather sets in. T.S. Kingsted, a Malta contractor, is busy at work on the erection of a new feed elevator for A.T. Peterson while he has also been awarded the contract for the building of the new garage on the oldBartlett property.

1947 – 75 Years Ago

Offices are being juggled in the Court House this week. The Illinois Public Aid Commission started it off by moving from the northwest room on the main floor of the Court House across the street to a privately owned building. Then the supervisor’s committee in charge of the sheriff and buildings told CountySuperintendent of Highways Fred O. Larson that he could have the choice ground floor offices. Fred lost no time is getting Janitor George Boleen and his crew to start moving his belongings from the third floor where he has had his headquarters for many years. Said it was going to feel pretty good to get to his office without a mountain climbing expedition to reach it.

Old, but still in daily use, is the Commercial House, located in Paw Paw. The building is about hundred years old and at one time was a important and popular spot on the Chicago road. The structure, which contains twenty rooms, is now being used as a residence.

A very slim burglar who crawled through the bars at the rear window of the MartinFood Mart at Somonauk Thursday night got a small reward for his trouble. All the raid netted him was $5 in pennies as the cash in the register had been taken to the Sandwich bank by a clerk when the place closed.

Residents along Route 30, south of here may have bus communications east and west in the near future. An application has been made to the state commerce commission for a public hearing on the application of the Exemplar Stages, Inc., to institute a line between Rockford and Aurora. The proposed line would passthrough Sugar Grove, Big Rock, Hinckley, Waterman, and Shabbona on Route 30 and through Rochelle, Flagg Center, Kings, Holcomb, and Davis Junction to Rockford.

Complete working plans for the new fraternal home of the Loyal Order of Moose to be erected on Fifth Street have been received from the architects and now are being scanned carefully by the building committee and DeKalb.

Through Gordon W. Wetzel the sales manager of the Holub Industries, Inc., of Sycamore, announcement is made of the development and the preparation to market a new product. The new device is a revolutionary development in screw anchors, and employs special shape engineering with plastic to provide an anchor that gives far better holding ability that has been possible in the past.

1972 – 50 Years Ago

The bereaved Israeli Olympic delegation, wearing small black ribbons on the lapels of their blue blazers as a sign of mourning, flew to Tel Aviv today with the bodies of team members killed by Arab terrorists Tuesday.

W.W. Williams, County Superintendent of Highways, in order to help in the flow of the increased traffic being created by the returning of students at theUniversity this week, as well as the scheduled football game this weekend, announces that Glidden Road from Crane Drive south to Lincoln Highway will be temporarily striped. The traffic signals at the corner of Lucinda and Glidden will be put into operation as well.

OnLabor Day, the 72nd annual Willret reunion, descendants of Jacob G.and Joanna Willret, was held at the Hopkins Park Shelter house.

The Sycamore Planning Commission approved a final plat of land last night for business zoning at the intersection of Sycamore and Bethany Roads near the YMCA. The area west of Sycamore Road and north and south of Bethany Road has been divided into lots and are ready for sale. A Chicago land trust company owns the property.

1997 - 25 Years Ago

Sycamore High School’s girls cross country team edged rival Kaneland 28-29 Thursday at Wal-Camp in Genoa.

The west side of DeKalb may soon get a much needed grocery store, DeKalb CityPlanner Russ Farnum said Wednesday. The grocery store is part of a planned development just north of The Jungle Shopping Center on the east side of Annie Glidden Road. It also includes a fast-food restaurant and an apartment complex.

The staggering figures for necessary street repairs in Sycamore have led the city’s finance committee to recommend a combination of sales and utility taxes to pay for the upkeep.

Republican George Ryan says he will make education his top priority if elected governor in 1998, but he’s holding out hope that lawmakers will resolve the thorny issue of school funding before then.

Winning back to back championships in never easy, but the Sandwich Fair’s Champion Baker is seeking her second straight title. DeKalb resident Karen Campbell won the coveted title of Grand Champion in 1996 after claiming 52 first-place and 48 second-place ribbons with her superior cooking abilities.

Compiledby Sue Breese