Looking Back for May 4, 2022

This photo looks northwest from 920 N. Seventh St. to Hillcrest Avenue, DeKalb, in February 1966.

1922 – 100 YEARS AGO

Peter Stavrakas, who some time ago founded the Athens grocery in the east end of the city is this week branching out and will establish a second store at Fifth and Lincoln Highway. Mr. Stavrakas states he is planning on the installation of a cash and carry store, wherein the customer will wait on himself, pay the cashier, and be on his way. The grocery man claims that if the venture proves a success, and he can see no reason why it should not, he will be able to sell groceries at an unheard of figure in this city.

Through the arrangement of the latest timecard on the North Western, the Spring Valley leaves here five minutes later each morning at 8:55. Reaching Sycamore, the train waits until nearly nine o’clock, making connections with the train that takes care of the Cortland traffic.

M.L. Overton was in DeKalb Friday.

After being covered for several days with boards, the sidewalk in front of the DeKalb Trust and Savings bank and the Star theatre is today receiving repairs at the hands of a contractor. The broken glass has been removed from the front of both places, and a good substantial walk will be laid there at once.

Claus Collin was busy today putting in the cement driveway for the new Shepard & Allen garage and filling station in the east end of DeKalb. The drive will allow the cars to drive in from either direction, secure gas and oil and be on the way again with little trouble. The fellows in charge of the place also hope to have a complete garage, and accessories for sale as well.

Workmenare busy today installing a new front in Baldy Snyder’s Smoke Shop. Large glass panes are to be included and itwill then be much easier to keep the windows clean. Snyder is planning on one or two otherrepairs about the place before he gets ready for the opening of the summerseason.

Believing that shanty loafer was responsible for his narrow escape from an accident at Sixth Street recently, a DeKalb motorist made a complaint to Howard Bratton of the North Western. Bratton states he has appealed to the crossing watchmen not to allow loafers to interfere with their work in protecting the public from accidents, but his appeals do not seem to be kept in mind for long at a time. He has visited every watchman on duty and impressed them with the importance of their work, and hopes that the citizens of DeKalb who make a practice of hanging around these places will put a stop to the habit.

1947 – 75 YEARS AGO

Hopkins Park is going to have its face lifted. And the work is going to start soon. In fact, contracts already have been let for the job of grading and landscaping the area along Sycamore Road in front of the swimming pool as well as for a lot of other “preliminary work” in both Hopkins Park and Annie’s Woods.

Veterans of World War II who are drawing compensations for the amputation of or loss of use of one or both legs at or above the ankle are entitled to an automobile or farm tractor or other conveyance at a cost not to exceed $1,600. Service Officer Otto Babcock of the Illinois Veterans Commission, warns “amputee” veterans that the law authorizing purchase of these vehicles expires on June 30.

Basketball fans will have the opportunity of seeing Olson’s Redheads, a famed girls’ basketball team, in action against a group of all stars of the Hinckley-Waterman community. The game will be played tonight at the Hinckley High School gymnasium. A large block of tickets has been saved for sale at the door tonight and several hundred can be accommodated at the last minute.

Wendell Chestnut of the Maple Park high school ranked in the upper 35 percent of those taking a special test given to 2,064 Illinois high school students.

Sometime during the night the Ranch House, located at the southwest corner of North Second and Locust streets, was entered and money and cigars were stolen. Discovery that the eating place had been entered was made shortly before 6 o’clock this morning, the burglary being reported to the police at that time. Entrance to the building was gained by prying open one of the windows and the burglar or burglars left through the rear door. Money was taken from the till and some cigars were taken.

At the annual meeting of the First Baptist Church last night, a large crowd attended. A pot luck supper opened the meeting in the Fireside Room, where members and guests rejoiced over the start of a new era in the history of the church, and the symbolic “Burning of the Mortgage” took place.

1972 – 50 YEARS AGO

The third annual DeKalb Walk for Development will being Sunday at the Northern Illinois Fieldhouse. Both NIU students and area young people will gather to begin the 30-mile hike to raise money for several domestic and foreign self-help programs.

In connection with Shabbona’s Centennial celebration and an upcoming event, a live steer will be on display from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. Saturday in the Standard Station parking lot on Main street, Shabbona. The steer’s appearance is being sponsored by the centennial committee and the DeKalb County Livestock Feeders Association.

On Thursday morning, students at Northern Illinois University will conduct an anti-war march into DeKalb and will hold a moratorium on classes at the university. The march is being held on the second anniversary of the killings at Kent State University and the subsequent death of 15 people in demonstrations at Jackson State and Augusta, Ga.

Depending on action by the DeKalb City Council, the DeKalb County Housing Authority may have finally found a site where it will be permitted to construct low-income housing. Tuesday night the DeKalb Planning commission unanimously recommended that the council approve the rezoning of a 40-acre site for the 36 duplex units at 14th and Lewis streets.

1997 – 25 YEARS AGO

The single largest source of merit-based scholarships to Northern Illinois University is the school’s Alumni Association and the pot for those scholarship funds just got a little bigger. Yesterday, NIU officials and Alumni Association members announced a financial partnership which was made between the association and First USA Bank, based in Delaware. According to the terms of the agreement, First USA will pay the association $1.3 million for the right to offer a “competitive rate” credit card to alumni.

The Marlyn Majorettes and the Marlyn Majors Drum Corps will celebrate Loyalty Day in the Batavia VFW Parade on Sunday.

The rejection of a recommendation to train Sycamore Fire Department emergency medical technicians (EMT’s) as paramedics has some city council members questioning what is more important to the community, citizen safety or saving money.

After nearly a year of planning and programming, the City of DeKalb has cautiously joined the growing number of municipalities to have a presence on the Internet. The city’s official World Wide Web site, located at www.ci.dekalb.il.us, offers general information on the city, police and fire departments, and the administration.

– Compiled by Sue Breese