Looking Back for Jan. 26, 2022

1922 – 100 YEARS AGO

Announcement is made today that Murphy’s store, Second and Lincoln Highway, will soon sponsor a two weeks’ sale at the store, 10 percent of the proceeds to be divided equally between DeKalb’s two hospitals. Mr. Murphy says that 5 percent of the proceeds will be given toward the maintenance of the City Hospital and the other 5 percent will be turned over for the upkeep of the new Sister’s Hospital on North Street. The feature is a new one for DeKalb and will undoubtedly result in a large sum for both city institutions.

Believing that two weeks’ time will be necessary before all the stock and fixtures are transferred from his old store in the Odd Fellows building to the new home, purchased some time ago, B. C. Knodle is dividing his time these days between the two places. Draymen are busy transferring the stock and the store people, including Mr. Knodle, are busy trying to find shelf room for the merchandise. About 29 years ago, B. C. Knodle opened his hardware store on Lincoln Highway and has kept faithfully at it since that time. He has enjoyed a successful business and when the opportunity came, he purchased the building he will soon occupy.

The Al Raymond home in Sycamore, corner of High Street and Park Avenue, was placed under quarantine the first of the week for scarlet fever. Kenneth is the sufferer.

The total known causalities of the wave of fires that has spread over DeKalb the past few days, up to date, is one dog, who was run over by the trucks on their way to a blaze in the northeast part of town. The remains were brought to the canine morgue where they will be held a few hours pending identification after which they will be buried.

Regular seats in the assembly were assigned yesterday at the high school and this year a new system of seating will be used. Previously, the students have been seated alphabetically but this semester the school heads thought that better response would be obtained on singing days if the girls were all in one group and the boys in another. The large attendance at the high school this term fills nearly all of the available seats.

From now on the moon will not be the only source of light for the use of the skaters at the Normal pond every evening. Prof. F. C. Phipps spent all morning with his physics classes on the pond stringing lights.

1947 – 75 YEARS AGO

Mrs. Harrison McCray, resident of the Fargo Hotel in Sycamore, who attempted to run from the White Village Service Station on the east edge of Sycamore during a holdup at 11 o’clock last night, was shot at by the bandit. She was not hit, but this morning appeared in court and identified Raymond F. Chandler, 28, as the man who was robbing seven people and who fired at her last night.

Last evening about 11 o’clock, the DeKalb Fire department was called to 1701 East Lincoln Highway where a fire was in progress in a small cabin-like home to the rear of the Vera Plank residence. The blaze, which had a pretty good start, was quickly brought under control but not before the interior of the small structure had been scorched considerably. The fire was caused by an overheated stove.

Milburn Kensinger, S 1-c, a graduate of the DeKalb Township High School, is a crew member of the seaplane tender, Pine Island, with the Byrd expedition to Little America.

Through Darrell Caris, the Sycamore Public Library has purchased some valuable material for aviators and those learning to fly. This material is in the vertical file at the library and is available at all times. Besides the 40 good magazines, the Sycamore Library subscribes to, several have been received as gifts from friends. Others have given Fortune, Coronet and Holiday as they have finished with them. Ask at the desk for these.

In spite of the fact that the streets of DeKalb are like an ice skating rink, there have been fewer auto accidents the past couple of days than usual. When the cold wave dropped on this community Monday evening, following the wet snow storm, it left the streets a glary sheet of ice. Many youngsters were noted using the streets for skating rinks, but they were warned that they must take every precaution as driving of autos is most precarious at this time and youngsters skating on the streets is an added hazard.

Parking meter receipts for the period through January 19 amounted to $1,280.43. Although the meters were installed before the Christmas holidays, enforcement of the parking meter ordinance was not started until January 2. Collections are being made on Monday of each week now. The report to date showed that $61.26 was collected prior to the time enforcement was started. Collections on January 7 were $206.83, on January 13, $494.12, and on January 20, $518.22.

1972 – 50 YEARS AGO

President Nixon, apparently concerned over the impact of continued Vietnam conflict on his trip to China and on his chances for re-election, has unveiled details of secret negotiations with the Communists to end the Indochina War.

Now that semester exams are over and we can all breathe a little easier, it’s time to count the days until Easter vacation. If snow days don’t interfere, a rest of 10 days will be welcomed by staff and students at Hinckley-Big Rock. It’s hard to believe a half year has already passed us by. A new study hall location and procedure began this second semester. It has been moved from room 14 to the former typing and bookkeeping rooms 9 and 10. The study hall has been divided into two groups, each in separate rooms. Supervised by two teachers, it is hoped that a more constructive use of time will be employed. Typing and Bookkeeping classes have been moved to room 14. (A far cry from the wanted “Student Lounge.”)

1997 – 25 YEARS AGO

Just days after police arrested six DeKalb residents in a sweep they believed had cut off 70 percent of the crack cocaine trade in the county, officers were on the move again this week, seeking three others for allegedly dealing the drug.

A unique weekend of music is planned at Otto’s, 118 E. Lincoln Hwy., DeKalb, with Midwest touring veterans Mr. Blotto headlining an unprecedented two consecutive nights. DeKalb favorites Flashlight will open tonight’s show. Chicago-based band Uncle Heavy, with the help of Seeing Eye Horns, will get the night started on Saturday.

The Sycamore City Council heard an estimate of what it would cost to train its medical-emergency personnel as paramedics, as it considers raising the skills of its ambulance crews to the highest level in the profession. The city council was presented with the findings of one of its committees last night, although no decision was made. The question was referred to the Finance Committee, charged with deciding if the city can afford the increased costs.

– Compiled by Sue Breese