Looking Back for June 30, 2021

1921 – 100 YEARS AGO

Carnivals may come and carnivals may go, but if DeKalb ever gets a better one in the city than it has this week, Sol’s United Shows, it will have to be one of the very best traveling the country. The shows, which are located on the Evans lot east of the city, are of the cleanest variety, the various stands are operated within the law, it is said, and there is not a stand on the ground that is loaded with junk.

By special arrangements, The Chronicle is going to give sport fans of the city a detailed description of the big fight Saturday at Jersey City when Dempsey and Carpenter meet for the title. The arrangements completed today by the paper will give the fans the story of the fight blow by blow, there being a continuous wire up from the time the first bell rings until one or the other goes down for the count or the last round.

Taylor Divine of Market Street in DeKalb attended the carnival last night, and as he lives on Market Street, drove the Ford over to the grounds, in order that he might get home quickly should it begin to rain. However, when Divine went after the car it was not found, and the matter was reported to the police. Chief of Police Riddell today warns all people about leaving their automobiles near the carnival grounds with the keys in, ready to go, as there seems to be a gang of kids in town who delight in taking some car for a joy ride now and then.

Thorough and continued investigation in recent weeks on the part of the thistle commissioners of the various townships of the county have proven that the Canada thistle has gained even stronger foothold in this locality than they had supposed possible.

Frank Riddell, chief of police of DeKalb, today received a letter from a police equipment firm in Hamburg, Germany, explaining the merits of a whip which is supposed to be the most effective instrument for the use of police anywhere. The whip, according to the literature, paralyses the muscles but does not break the bones. Chief Riddell says he has no use for such instruments in the handling of unruly here, but later on may send for one of the whips as a novelty.

1946 – 75 YEARS AGO

Earl W. Maxson, age 30, of 7735 N. Haskins St., Chicago, escaped serious injury this morning at 9:28 o’clock when his plane crashed as he made a forced landing on the runway near the General Electric plant. The plane ground-looped and struck a lightpole and fence, Maxson being thrown out of the plane.

Forty percent of current and potential purchasers of light, personal planes are middle class householders, with wife and children. They intend to use their planes chiefly for pleasure, but more than one-third of them will also use them in business. These conclusions are the result of a survey just completed by the Aeronca Aircraft Corporation, pioneer light plane manufacturers through questionnaires answered by a countrywide cross section of dealers and distributors.

Three persons were fined when given hearing before Police Magistrate Jerry Stevens on charges of reckless driving. Larry Miller of Davenport, Iowa, a driver for the Greyhound bus firm, was fined $5 and costs; and Raymond Clark who was arrested shortly after midnight when the car he was driving smashed into the parked car belonging to Phil Kaessar, was assessed a fine of $50 and costs. Andrew Valeo, arrested early this morning and charged with disorderly conduct, was given a hearing this morning before the police magistrate but the case was continued until Monday and he was still confined to the city jail.

Twenty-four veterans are waiting anxiously for 24 new homes to begin to take shape. For some time now this project has been under way and seems that now things are really beginning to develop. The land at the end of Lincoln Street in Sycamore in the east end of town is being surveyed preparatory for the abstracts which are to be drawn up soon. In a few days, more definite views will be able to be given on how this work is coming along.

That the police department had a busy day yesterday was evidenced by the police blotter with notations of all types being on the book. Accidents, ambulance calls, numerous complaints about fireworks, report of a stolen bike, an arrest for running a stop sign, and other notations dotted the blotter.

Blueprints for the new addition to the Sycamore Municipal Hospital may be viewed by the public at the Chamber of Commerce office at any time. The actual construction of this new building is pending the results of the letting of bids. The last addition for the hospital was in 1939 and was located and connected to the south of the original structure.

1971 – 50 YEARS AGO

Illinois today became the 35th state to ratify the 26th amendment to the U.S. Constitution granting 18-year-olds the right to vote in all elections.

The DeKalb Public Hospital Board of Directors last night voted to establish a medical-surgical intensive care unit separate from the present coronary care unit.

New uniforms have recently been purchased by the secretaries at DeKalb City Hall. The girls paid for their own uniforms in an effort to conserve on their personal wardrobe. The uniforms are coordinated in navy blue and green.

The students of Malta have discontinued collecting glass in containers downtown. Please do not bring your glass there anymore.

Sycamore Excavating Company of Sycamore is at work tearing down the old Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, located on the corner of Charles and Somonauk streets. Most of the windows, doors, woodwork, and other furnishings in the old stone building were auctioned off at a recent sale.

A majority of school superintendents from the 11 districts in the county expressed favorable opinions of a centralized program for Trainable Mentally Handicapped at the now-closed Notre Dame facilities in DeKalb.

1996 – 25 YEARS AGO

Restoration of DeKalb’s Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Clock has begun. The 75-year-old clock was disassembled and removed from its location along Lincoln Highway near Third Street Thursday to begin a month-long renovation process. When the work is finished, the clock will become the centerpiece of Memorial Park, to be located at the northeast corner of Lincoln Highway and First Street.

DeKalb County and the developers of DeKalb Market Square have reached an agreement which will provide area wildlife a new natural habitat, and may provide residents an eight- to 10-screen theater. The wetland would have been located on a portion of “lot 13” immediately to the east of the Super Walmart, which is now under construction.

The poor and middle class wind up paying a higher percentage of their income in state and local taxes than the rich do in most states, according to a study released today by a liberal-leaning police research group.

– Compiled by Sue Breese