Looking Back for June 9, 2021

1921 – 100 YEARS AGO

William G. Eckhardt of this city has been named as one of the chief executive officers of the greatest agricultural marketing organizations in the world, according to the official announcement of the personnel of the United States Grain Growers Inc., made late Saturday night.

Evidently some automobile owner who recently purchased a new Franklin did not carry a fire extinguisher and when his car caught fire just east of Meredith Sunday, the owner was powerless. The car was destroyed to such an extent that even the license number has been defaced beyond recognition and the owner’s name has not been learned as yet. People who have passed the ruins say there is nothing left but the motor of the machine.

P.B. Calvert held a lighted match over his gasoline tank to see if it contained any gasoline. He will be out of St. Charles hospital soon doctors say.

The work of grading the unfinished part of the cement road leading east of Elburn to the Boy’s Home is practically completed and the force of workers is now hauling materials with which to make the hard road. However, there is yet much work to be done before there can be the actual laying of the cement. It is thought that the road will be completed by September.

1946 – 75 YEARS AGO

The government has ordered bakers to cut the size of bread loaves and rolls starting Saturday. Loaves will be 10 percent smaller by weight and probably somewhat flatter. The price will remain the same. Bakers must indicate the weight of the loaf on the wrapper. Bakers who have difficulty getting new wrappers may use old ones provided they furnish retailer with signs describing the new loaf.

J.W. Walter Becker, president and general manager of Ideal Industries Inc., announced today that continued expansion of the company’s business makes it necessary to erect a large new addition to Ideal’s main plant. The approval to build has been granted by the Civilian Production Authority. This new addition is expected to cost approximately $100,000.

Final working drawings for the erection of temporary veterans housing at Northern have been received and work will start at once on preparation of the grounds to receive this housing. These plans have been delayed due to the fact that an additional allotment of housing units was granted to the college and the entire number now available has been incorporated into a single plan. The buildings will be erected on a plot of ground north of Lucinda Avenue, between Garden Road and the Kishwaukee River, running north into property recently purchased by the college, in addition to occupying all of that vacant land formerly owned by the college and used as an athletic field.

1971 – 50 YEARS AGO

If your neighbor’s unkempt lawn or vacant lot has weeds more than 12 inches high, he is violating the city’s weed ordinance. The city each year hires the cutting done and charges it to the property owner. If the owner doesn’t pay the bill, a lien can be placed on his property.

U.S. District Court Judge Franklin McGarr yesterday delayed any decision on granting a temporary injunction against construction of the East-West Tollway extension until early July.

Although suffering a cut in staff, the DeKalb County Natural Resources Center, Russel Forest Preserve, Genoa, will be open for at least one more year.

Arnold Johnson, of Johnson-Dixson Painting Co., operates a spray gun on the Stagecoach Theatre on Barber Greene Road. The theatre is being spruced up in honor of its 25th anniversary.

A DeKalb County Township Supervisor and a number of county farmers are among those who have filed suit asking that construction of an extension of the East-West Tollway from Aurora to Rock Falls be discontinued.

1996 – 25 YEARS AGO

Jimmer’s Team is among the entries in the American Cancer Society’s 12-hour Relay for Live, June 15, at the Sycamore High School track. The team, sponsored by Sycamore attorney Rick Turner, is named for Jimmy “Jimmer” Busby, the 9-year old DeKalb boy who died last year from leukemia.

The House today dropped plans to hold the White House in contempt after receiving an 11-page list of travel office documents President Clinton has been withholding based on a claim of executive privilege.

– Compiled by Sue Breese