Looking Back for May 19, 2021

1921 – 100 YEARS AGO

The East Side Hospital in Waterman has installed a new electric dishwasher and sterilizer, which is an added improvement to its modern and up-to-date equipment.

A number of the young people of Rollo attended the opening of Starved Rock Sunday.

One youngster came to grief on Sunday as a result of attempting to swipe a foul ball. The kids at the games have been making a practice of picking up balls knocked out of the field and making away with them instead of returning them to one of the players or the umpire. The officials had a few police watching the grounds Sunday for the offenders and one lad caught in the act was given such a severe reprimand that it is assured the practice will not be repeated.

The prediction some time ago that train No. 24, arriving here in the morning at 8:15, to replace the services of the Sterling, would soon be running late, has come true. Yesterday and today the train was late, not arriving here Monday until about noon, due to a cattle train wreck in Iowa. According to people who are in the habit of going to Chicago on this train, it did not get here today until after 11 o’clock and it creates a considerable inconvenience to many DeKalb folks.

Some time ago a girl claimed damages from a young man for breach of promise. In court she made the astounding statement that the youth had kissed her 3,764 times. His counsel challenged the statement. But the girl produced her diary, wherein every kiss had been recorded, with the date. She won.

C. J. F. Carlson, merchant in the northeast part of DeKalb, says his name was incorrectly printed in the list published of those who had agreed to close their businesses on Thursday afternoons. The name read C. J. F. Newman instead of C. J. F. Carlson.

Thursday has been selected as Kiwanis day for the repair work on Annie’s Woods, which means that Kiwanis members will don overalls that day and help load cinders at the electric company’s plant and then repair the woods, where a new road will be built. This is probably one of the best propositions that the Kiwanis have taken hold of since organization here and when the present plans of the club have been completed, DeKalb will have a camping place for the motorists of the country who wish to stay overnight.

1946 – 75 YEARS AGO

Work has been started on the new bridge near the United Presbyterian Church in Somonauk and the old one has been dismantled. For the present the road is closed to all traffic. Albert C. Winter, former resident of Franks, reported that he with a horse and wagon was the first person to cross the bridge when it was constructed in the spring of 1892.

Spring and Summer opening of our new stand, serving Root Beet, Malted Milks, Ice Cream and Sodas. Also Joe’s (Back for More) Popcorn. POPCORN JOE’S, corner of Fifth and Girard Streets.

Alien veterans of the Second World War, who served after September 1, 1939, and before December 27, 1945, by a special act of Congress, are permitted to become citizens by naturalization in a much shorter time than is required of non-veterans. Since this law expires on December 31, 1946, alien veterans are urged to file at once for their citizenship. In their case the usual $8 fee is waived. Veterans still in service may also file.

At the present time there are less than 1,500 persons on the post at Camp Grant as the post war decline is continued. Each week finds a further cut in the personnel at the camp. At present there are 700 enlisted men, 475 civilians and 300 German prisoners of war at the camp and next week 110 enlisted men are scheduled to be transferred to Fort Sheridan.

Mrs. Morton of Victor was showing a shell from a large brown egg this past week that contained a small egg within it. It was much to Mrs. Morton’s surprise when breaking, what she thought was a double yolk egg, she found a small egg instead.

The bake shop of a modern 35,000-ton battleship each week turns out 3,800 loaves of white, raisin and graham bread, 700 pies, 8,000 hot rolls, 4,800 cinnamon rolls, between 6,000 and 8,000 cookies, and fruit slices, coffee rings and birthday cakes for special occasions.

Burglars looted the Farmers Inn in downtown Kirkland early Tuesday morning and made away with 15 cases of whiskey, 35 cartons of cigarettes and a small amount in cash. The job from all the evidence shows that those who made the haul were not green at their work and that they had done such things before was evident in the moves that were made in getting into the tavern.

1971 – 50 YEARS AGO

The city of DeKalb has acquired its first parcel of land in connection with the downtown renewal project. Terry McGuire, planning department assistant, said that the city has acquired title to Breezy’s Garage on South First Street. The property was sold to the city by Russell Breeze. The land, which will become a part of a city-owned parking lot, contains 14,600 square feet of space. The garage building on the lot contains 4,714 square feet.

Amnesty Day has been scheduled for May 19 in the junior reading room of the Sandwich Township Public Library. All books may be returned that day without any penalty for those which are overdue. No matter how long the book has been out, or how large the fine, books may be returned with no questions asked.

Railroad signalmen went on strike today, shutting down the nation’s rail lines, and President Nixon proposed emergency legislation to force the men back to work until at least July 1.

Judi Anne Ford, 1969 Miss America, will serve as Mistress of Ceremonies tonight at the 1971 Miss DeKalb Pageant.

1996 – 25 YEARS AGO

Patrol officers with the DeKalb Police Department should soon be entering a new, technological advanced world, each time they step into their squad cars. The city is looking to outfit all nine of its marked squads with Mobile Data Terminals. The MDTs are similar to the computers used by dispatchers to access driver and vehicle information.

The city of DeKalb expects to receive the final word on a $2.1 million grant to begin construction of a new runway at the DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport within a week.

The St. Joseph Counseling Center in Sycamore, serving emotionally troubled students in DeKalb County, will be closing at the end of this school year. The center now serves about 10 students, who were referred there by the administrators of local school districts. At. St. Joseph, those students are taught academics, as well as given counseling for part of the school day.

– Compiled by Sue Breese