Take a selfie with ODDO the Octopus

Open Door Rehabilitation Center invites the public to visit ODDO, the center’s octopus mascot. ODDO is short for “Opening Doors and Developing Opportunities.” It represents the balanced life promoted for the individuals served at Open Door. Local artist Eulojio Ortega brought ODDO to life with his painting at Open Door’s east building, located on South Wells Street in Sandwich. Each tentacle on ODDO is full of tattoos, representing the eight areas of life: work and money, community and service, health and well-being, personal image and self-direction, personal relationships, culture and spirituality, fun and recreation, and home and personal space. Open Door encourages community members to stop and take pictures with ODDO. For more information, contact Kayla at kaylagomez@odrc.org or 815-786-8468, ext. 222.