Blue Moon Gallery to host science-based artists and more

Opening reception planned from 4 to 9 p.m. Nov. 19 at Grayslake gallery

Migration by Jeanne Garrett 17x13 Archival Print on Rice Paper with Stitching

GRAYSLAKE – The Blue Moon Gallery is hosting its monthly opening reception from 6 to 9 p.m. Nov. 19.

The gallery is showing monoprints, collagraphs and encaustic works from Racine, Wisconsin, artist Samira Gdisis.

Mixed media photographic work focusing on climate change by Arlington Heights artist Jeanne Garrett and the micro-photography of scientist Tom Biegalski from Lindenhurst also will be featured.

Gdisis is a printmaker, interdisciplinary artist, community builder and curator who makes art to document life around her. The interplay of disciplines, media, shapes, lines and color permit her to consider the powerful potential interaction of techniques and textures that may mimic or counter life, often in abstract landscapes. Her newest collection is inspired by the light and color of early mornings, open skies, long ambles and the voyages of her imagination. Each piece shares emotion, color and composition in a way that makes a viewer ponder or remember.

Space Feather by Tom Biegalski 14x11 Photograph on Metal

Gdisis holds bachelor’s degrees in cognitive psychology, interdisciplinary art and printmaking with a minor in arts management. She earned a master’s degree in museum studies from Johns Hopkins University. She has shown her artwork locally and regionally.

Garrett has witnessed the impact of climate change – the scars left by timber cuts, the charred remains of forest fires in the western U.S., the devastation caused by tornadoes in the Midwest and the battering of shorelines when storms ravage the Great Lakes. Close to home, she has seen the loss of a beloved wetland because of encroaching urbanization. These experiences inspired her to create “ELEMENTS: Earth, Wind, Water, Fire – Fraying at the Edges” to enhance awareness of climate change as something not happening far away, but happening in our backyards.

Garrett combines two passions – sewing and photography – to create a digital photograph that she embellishes with patterned machine stitching. After selecting the image, she spends time reflecting on the final composition, making decisions about how to achieve her creative vision and letting the uniqueness of the image determine how she will enhance it. Each photo is printed on rice paper and is textured from either loosely hanging threads – or metallic threads – stitched onto it. Each image is unique and one of a kind. Garrett is inviting the viewer to experience a deeper awareness of the challenges faced as stewards of a fragile earth.

Biegalski’s photographic art is an extension of his lifelong interest in science. His pieces start with a scientific principle and evolve through experimentation with dyes, paints, soap films and other liquids, including magnetic ferrofluid. He often explores diffusion, magnetism and different types of light, such as polarization or infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths, and uses high magnification lenses, which allow him to explore extreme details of the subject. The results are often a surprise

Celestial by Samira Gdisis 11x11 Monoprint


“These unexpected outcomes give me a sense of wonder and make me want to continue exploring. The completed works often reveal patterns and evidence of forces on a microscopic scale that are reflected in the wider universe. I believe these patterns symbolize the idea that all things are connected,” Biegalski said.

Through his photo-based art, Biegalski hopes to share the intricate beauty that exists around us.

Grayslake fiber artist Laura O’Connor will continue her exhibition “Embroidery as Dissent” – featuring socio-political commentary – through Dec. 18.

The gallery’s collective artists will be exhibiting new art as well including Tony Armendariz (contemporary realist watercolor), Juli Janovicz (floral watercolor), John Kirkpatrick (figurative expressionism), Mike Bellefeuille (metal) and Leisa Corbett (still life and landscape). Janovicz also is displaying jeweled garden wands made with Pandora charms, hand-blown and hand-painted glass beads, lampwork beads, rhinestones and Czech glass.

The opening reception is free and open to the public. Guests are welcome to bring beverages to enjoy around the gallery’s fire pit. The gallery is located at 18620 Belvidere Road in Grayslake. For information, visit or call 224-388-7948.

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