Energy and Eco-Friendly Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters (Part 3)

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - Energy and Eco-Friendly Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters (Part 3)

In addition to saving money over the long term due to a considerably longer lifespan and much higher efficiency, tankless water heaters offer benefits that are both energy- and eco-friendly.

1. Tankless water heaters are extremely efficient. A storage tank heater is only 60% efficient when brand new, and the five pounds of sediment that is added to the tank each year reduces its efficiency and increases its operating cost. A tankless heater, by comparison, is 98% efficient, and stays that way - saving on energy costs. “An average household spends $600 or more annually just to heat their water, so a more efficient appliance saves money over time,” explained Ned Norquist, General Manager for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. “A tankless heater pays for itself with monthly energy savings and because it will last 30 years, during which time you’d have to purchase three or four storage tank heaters, which have a lifespan of only 8-12 years depending on usage. The costs of the storage tank heaters increase each time, due to inflation.”

2. The much higher efficiency of tankless water heaters reduces the carbon footprint created by larger, less-efficient storage tank water heaters. Since a tankless water heater operates more efficiently, less carbon dioxide and methane (greenhouse gases) are produced. “There are fewer raw materials that go into producing a tankless water heater,” added Norquist. “This also helps reduce the carbon footprint, and the cost of producing the parts is less from a manufacturing standpoint. With the tankless water heater, you’re paying for the technology.”

3. Tankless water heaters are more ecologically responsible. Many people don’t think about what happens when their storage tank water heater has to be replaced. “You can’t recycle a storage tank heater’s insulation, so that goes into the landfill,” said Norquist. “A tankless water heater is 100% recyclable - there isn’t anything that can’t be melted down and reused in some way.”

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