Looking forward to 2021: How to keep business flowing, trends to watch for

The new year will bring with it new opportunities to take your business to the next level. Oswego Area Chamber of Commerce President Angie Hibben shares these tips to jumpstart your 2021:

1. Focus on user reviews

When real people advocate for you online, your business and product become more trustworthy and can lead to increased sales.

2. Remote working, gig jobs are the new norm

The standard nine-to-five, five-days-a-week workweek is fast becoming an anomaly. To that end, understand the rules and regulations of employees working from home and for hiring temp workers.

3. Go green

Show you care about the environment by implementing eco-friendly business practices, such as amping up efforts to save energy, using sustainable materials, and streamlining packaging.

4. Employee happiness matters

Employees want and need to feel like they matter and that they are contributing to the business. Happy employees are more productive. Focus on boosting morale and engagement while retaining top employees and attracting new hires.

5. Offer non-monetary benefits and perks

Many employees are seeking an experience, not just a job. Employees appreciate flexible work hours, paternity leave, and more.

6. E-commerce is growing by leaps and bounds

You must have an online shopping experience whether it be social media, website, and more.

7. Personal touch to customer service is key

Know your customers and their history. Have an email distribution that doesn’t just focus on selling.

8. Social media is important

But again don’t just focus on selling. Tell your story: what and why your business does what it does, how you got started, and more.

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