Letter: Did the right thing

keyboard, letter to the editor

To the Editor:

The [Bristol-Kendall Fire Protection District] board had a controversy last year when it dismissed a probationary fireman for refusing to take a COVID test before reporting to work his shift. That instance seemed to motivate some people to petition to make the fire board an elected position starting this April.

One quality one would want in a member of a fire board is reasonableness. Was it reasonable to dismiss the fireman? The board was not asking him to take a vaccine. They were only asking him to take a five-second test once a week before his shift began. Was it worth this small inconvenience to protect his fellow firemen, their families and the general public? I think so.

The following four candidates did the right thing in terminating the fireman in order to protect our community, and I am sure they will try to do the right thing in the future. Please vote on April 4 for Ken Johnson, Jeff Farren, Marty Schwartz and Gary Schlapp.

Pat McNamara