Letter: Get ready to vote


To the Editor:

By the time you read this, the battle for Mariupol in Ukraine may be over. One cannot help but admire/be impressed by those defending the last bastion with their determination not to give up. They have been – perhaps still are- willing to die for their country. You and I are not called upon to show that kind of patriotism, but we do have responsibility.

Let me pause to mention the opening ceremony at the Olympics. As I watched those young people proudly, indeed joyfully, march in, I too felt a surge of patriotism. Coming up June 28 is a primary election. There are so many yard signs we cannot help but be aware. Many of us need help in learning enough about the candidates to vote intelligently, but there is time, and I hope this paper and others and the internet will give us information.

Though it may not be easy to become informed, as citizens it is our responsibility to vote and to vote as best we can. The website for county clerk and recorder carries the complete list, although not a sample ballot yet.

Let us give thanks for the Ukrainians willing to die for their country and let it inspire us to our duty to vote.

Rev. Bob Dell